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If you are looking for an intelligent kitchen aid, you have many options. There are Smart displays to guide you through recipes or show instructional videos. You can use Bluetooth thermometer to monitor cooking temperatures or to use a large intelligent device such as Samsung Family Hub refrigerator This is the intelligent command center in your kitchen or even at home.

But just when we thought that smart kitchen utensils had reached their peak, smart top-mounted stoves got their money's worth. These microwave ovens do dozens of tasks like baking, roasting, dehydrating, and even cooking dough. Some work with voice assistants, others recognize foods with AI or scan packaged foods from your local grocery store. Here are the outstanding intelligent stoves that we have tested.

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The Amazon Smart Oven only costs $ 250. Other ovens on this list are much more expensive. It comes with a free 3rd generation Echo Dot that you need to connect to Alexa for voice commands like "Alexa, preheat the oven to 350 degrees".

The Amazon Smart Oven does not have intelligent food recognition, but it has an excellent voice control from Alexa, which uses scan-to-cook to search for packaged food (mainly from Whole Foods, owned by Amazon).

This is the only smart oven that we have tested and that is also microwave-safe. This means that you do not need an additional counter for a second device. You can easily throw away your old microwave and replace it with this multifunctional smart oven.

In our tests, the Amazon Smart Oven delivered great whole chickens, delicious air-fried french fries, and a solid microwave power of 1,000 W. For all of these reasons, this smart oven is the most powerful we've tested and our top recommendation.

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The Tovala Smart Oven, valued at $ 299, is based on Tovala's meal sets created by chefs, but is available for $ 12 per serving. You can buy the stove without it and still use a lot of it.

That's because the Tovala Smart Oven can scan more than 650 different groceries from your local store and prepare your dishes with steam, baking, grilling, and toasting functions. There is no compatibility with voice assistants, but there is a Tovala app that allows you to control the oven, view recipes and much more.

Amazon's Smart Oven also scans food, but only a handful and most come from the whole food inventory. If you are interested in Tovala I would recommend trying the food sets as they are easy to prepare, tasty and interesting.

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The second generation June Oven is the best oven we've tested to detect food. There are many cooking modes, screen recommendations for cooking various dishes and some practical accessories.

The June Oven works with Alexa for voice commands. With the June app, you can control the oven from anywhere and view live videos of your food as it cooks.

You can buy the oven in a "standard" package that includes a food thermometer, roasting pan, baking pan, grill, and crumb tray for $ 499, or in a "gourmet" package for $ 699 that includes baking pans, roasting baskets, and a prescription includes subscription and extended warranty.

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Smart oven comparison table

Amazon smart oven June oven Tovala intelligent oven

$ 250

$ 499

$ 199

Dimensions (wxhxd)

21.8 inches x 13 inches x 21.4 inches

19.6 inches x 12.75 inches x 19 inches

18.5 inches x 11.75 inches x 12.32 inches

Compatibility with Voice Assistant




cooking modes

Microwave, bake hot air, fry automatically, keep warm, fry in the air

Bake hot air, toast, roast in the air, dehydrate, cook slowly, grill, keep warm

steam, toast, roast, bake

included supply

large and short grill racks, temperature sensors, air pan

Thermometer, roasting pan, baking pan, wire rack, crumb tray

Pot holder, baking pan, grate, measuring cup

We have just started

This category is only a few years old and we have seen a lot of growth. We recently tested a limited-release smart oven Whirlpool & # 39; s WLabs, The Suvie kitchen robot was launched at Kickstarter last year and uses water to cool and cook your entire meal. Then there is Anova, whose CEO Stephen Svajian announced plans for a new brand of kitchen accessories for the brand in September.

These ovens may be the best at the moment, but they certainly won't be the last. More and more companies are interested in this category, so we will continue to test new models as soon as they appear.