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If you chronically misplace or completely lose your keys, having the right smart locks in your arsenal can be life-changing.

With the best smart lock paired with a mobile app, you can unlock the door to let in a service provider or friend, lock a door that you forgot to secure comfortably from your bed, or replace the keys you can . ‘t seem to localize.

With a Smart lock You can easily do all of this at your door Voice command or a push of a button to unlock the door, which offers you security, convenience, automation and security. But which Smart Lock option fits your doors?

Choosing the best Smart Lock for your home depends on a few factors. For some, scheduling and user code restrictions are important. For others, a door lock that can be retrofitted and does not replace the bolt on the doors is a must. We tested the best smart locks on the market today. These are our favorites that we update regularly as we review new products.

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The August Smart Lock Pro and Connect package, valued at $ 279, includes retrofitting the August Smart Lock Pro, a Connect Wi-Fi module, and a DoorSense opening / closing sensor.

This August Smart Lock supports the Z-Wave radio protocol (Smart Hub not included) and works with Apple HomeKit. With the Wi-Fi module set up, you get compatibility with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, as well as remote access to the option to lock and unlock your doors from your Android or iOS devices when you’re away from home.

The Smart Lock Pro is a powerful, easy-to-install Smart Lock and the winner of our CNET Editors’ Choice Award.

Note: August has just announced its latest lock, a 45% smaller August Wi-Fi Smart Lock. So keep an eye out for an even better, more compact model this year.

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Tyler Lizenby / CNET

The third-generation $ 200 Smart Lock and Connect package in August includes a DoorSense opening / closing sensor and a Connect Wi-Fi module. With the flat retrofit design, you do not have to replace your bolt. Installation is simple and offers tenants comfort.

The August Smart Lock with the Connect setup works with the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa and can be controlled remotely via the August mobile app. You don’t get Apple HomeKit compatibility or Z-Wave smarts to connect to a Smart Hub. Still, this August Smart Lock is an affordable, powerful smart door lock for keyless entry. It is the best smart lock if you live in an apartment.

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The SL Touchscreen Deadbolt by Yale has a small, slim design with a touchscreen keyboard that looks good on almost every door and is available in three versions. The latest $ 299 Smart Deadbolt package includes August Smarts with a Connected by August kit (Wi-Fi module and DoorSense sensors) that you can use to connect to your August app Unlock or lock door. This keyless lock works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and HomeKit.

There is also a version with interchangeable modules for ZigBee or Z-Wave if you need to connect your door lock to smart home devices. These modules each cost $ 50.

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The $ 235 Beat Encode doesn’t do everything. You don’t get HomeKit compatibility and are limited to 100 user codes. Still, I’m a big fan because you don’t need a Z-Wave device or a ZigBee hub or a Wi-Fi module to connect this door lock to your smart home.

It includes built-in Wi-Fi and works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant with simple account linking through their apps. It is also compatible with Amazon Key and offers convenience for home delivery services. The slim keyboard design is available in both modern and traditional styles and in several versions.

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We tested other models

In our search for the best Smart Lock, these are some of the other products we’ve tested:

Nest Yale Lock: Nest and Yale teamed up for a Google-centered smart lock with touch keyboard. This $ 279 smart door lock looks good like Yale’s previous models, but isn’t quite as powerful as a keyless lock when it comes to integrating smart homes.

Array of Hampton Connected Door Lock: This $ 299 lock has solar powered battery support and built-in WiFi, but is expensive and doesn’t offer an option to work with HomeKit or Google Assistant.

Kwikset Kevo Bluetooth latch: Kwiksets Second Generation Kevo for $ 222 is a good Bluetooth smart lock and an easy answer to beautifying your door when you don’t need remote access. In this case you have to purchase the Kevo Plus Connect module. You can use the mobile app or keychain for keyless access to the door.

Beat Sense Bluetooth Deadbolt: Beat’s $ 175 Sense Smart Lock is affordable, but chunky and not as easy to set up as its Encode sibling. You’ll also need a Beat Wi-Fi adapter to connect to Google Assistant or Alexa.

Things to remember

Intelligent locks provide additional comfort. However, please note that this option is primarily a safety device. It is important to take security features seriously. Use a PIN code for all unlocked voice commands and only provide access codes to unlock the door for people you trust. Enabling the automatic relock feature is also a good idea so that if you forget, the door will lock behind you.

If your smart home is based on Wi-Fi voice assistants and you don’t use hubs, I would recommend a lock that works with your Wi-Fi network (or at least a Wi-Fi adapter). Consider whether you want a keyboard and can replace your latch (you’ll need a new physical key to lock it) or prefer a simpler retrofit design.

Regardless of which Smart Lock you choose, adding one to your smart home has many advantages. With these tips and the best smart lock on your door, managing access for family members, roommates, service providers and guests is a breeze.

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