The betting value of Nets depends on this reality from Kyrie Irving

<pre><pre>The betting value of Nets depends on this reality from Kyrie Irving

After months of inconsistency, the Nets became the hottest point spread team in the NBA going into the All Star break. They resume work in Philadelphia on Thursday night (8:00 p.m. TNT) and have the chance to make a real statement against a conference rival with the best home record in the league.

Complicating matters for handicappers and the weather … The networks turned into this short-term juggernaut after Kyrie Irving left the lineup due to a knee injury.

February 3rd to 11th in Brooklyn.

  • I got the money twice against red-hot Toronto. The networks were covered with 5 1/2 points in a narrow road loss and with 14 points in a 10-point home win. The Raptors were the second best in the east but fought Brooklyn.
  • Defeat playoff-bound Indiana on the road (106-105) as an outsider with 6½ points.
  • Lacher won over Phoenix and Golden State with 22 and 41 points and covered with 19 and 35¹ / ₂ points.

That's 4: 1, 5: 0 against the spread, with an average coverage of 16.3 points! The average is still a blistering 11.5 points if you throw away the Golden State tank job.

This poses a challenge for weather faced with a counterintuitive dilemma. How do you hinder a team that seems to improve significantly without its "best" player ?! Especially if this player could miss the rest of the season because of a sustained shoulder injury?

With Kyrie, the nets 8-12 are direct and against the spread. That includes poor 1-8 / 2-7 records against opponents who are likely to make it into the playoffs. You saw the games yourself. Offensive machines often come to a standstill at the worst times. The crunch-time defense disappears.

Without him, networks 17-16 are direct, 18-15 are against spread. Apparently, the grades before this five-game increase were uglier just before the break. A healthy and motivated Caris LeVert started publishing figures again.

Currently, the networks could offer significant betting value if odds makers and sharps don't recognize how well the remaining squad can do without irving. You will be a decent-sized outsider in Philadelphia, as the Sixers are 25-2 at home (better than the Liga Bucks 25-3, Clippers 22-5 and Lakers 18-7). All the nets have to do is hang near the cover.

A manageable route follows in Charlotte against Orlando, in Washington and in Atlanta. Brooklyn has blowouts against this class with or without irving.

The nets are as fresh as possible, which is important when bankers have to pick up the minutes of a missing starter. Chemistry seems to peak when Irving isn't around. Betting markets have classified the networks as generic non-competitors without irving. This cocktail of ingredients should create a betting value until Irving can play again.

If he's back on the ground this season, the weather will have to predict its likely impact on investment potential. The selection of winners is always a mixture of team quality assessment and market perception.