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In summer 2019, Origin PC went to town and built a gaming orgasmatron, the Big O, which put together a high-test PC. PlayStation 4 Pro. Xbox One X and Nintendo Switch Dock into his formidable Genesis case and tell the world that we couldn't have him. It wasn’t the first Big O, which debuted in 2010; it was also huge, but it contained only one PC, which was liquid-cooled to the teeth, and one Xbox 360, (Only at CES 2020 On Monday, the company released a practical and affordable version of its console / PC mashup, reminiscent of the original: the Big O PS4 edition (PlayStation 4 Pro) and the Big O Xbox edition (PlayStation 4 Pro).Xbox One S All-Digital Edition).

A prototype of the PS4 model landed in our laboratory at the end of 2019. Despite insufficient game time and some annoying issues before the release, I still want the PS4 version. However, I don't have a console or streaming setup, so I'm adjusting the profile of the relatively small pool of potential buyers for this scaled-down version. "height =" 110 "width =" 196

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The beautiful box of the Big O: Origin PC makes PC and console …


You can order it from today. There are a few advantages to getting the Big O instead of just buying a PC and sticking a console aside, but both are upgrades over the $ 2,499 base models. First, an optional Elgato 4K60 Pro card, used on the console side, is one of the few ways to bridge the gap between the left and right brain of the Big O. It can record videos directly from the console to the PC drive, which is a great convenience for people who want to edit their game material. Since the Elgato transfers the video from the PS4 to the PC, you can also play a PS4 / Xbox without swapping the inputs. Second, Origin can configure the consoles with SSDs instead of standard drives.

Of course, these are both upgrades and setups that you can put together yourself. There are also some notable drawbacks. The biggest one is the inclusion of an Xbox One S ($ 300 at Walmart) instead of the more powerful, real 4K Xbox One X; Origin PC says this is because the Xbox One X needs an optical drive and wanted to design the Big O "for a purely digital experience". Another is that this system would have made more sense a few years ago. But the next generation PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X Consoles are expected later this year. Who wants to buy the current models now? If Origin had built the console into a pull-out case and promised to upgrade it to newer consoles, it could be different.

The system is relatively small and is based on a custom version of the elegant-looking Corsair Crystal Series 280X Micro ATX case – a forked design that is, of course, suitable for this system with a split personality. (And with tempered glass panes, which, unlike Origin PC's Neuron case, do not shatter into millions when dropped.) The PC is on the glass-clad side and the console in the cave on the right.

05-origin-pc-big-o-ps4-edition "data-original =" b31ca8848e54 / 05-origin-pc-big-o-ps4-edition.jpg

The PC side of the Big O.

Sarah Tew / CNET

Thanks to the new parent company of Origin PC, Corsair, our Big O test system is full of Corsair components – housing, 16 GB 3.2 GHz memory, Corsair RGB 120 mm LL fan and SF750 750-watt power supply unit as well as an Origin Frostbyte liquid cooling system. Unfortunately, the hose of the latter is completely wrapped, so that it lacks the pretty one.

There is one for the components that Corsair does not manufacture AMD Ryzen 9 3900X. Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070 Super Founder Edition GPU, ASRock X570M ATX Pro4 motherboard and several Samsung 860QVO SSDs (1.5 TB for the PC and 2 TB for the PS4). The company also supplied a Scuf Impact Controller – Corsair also owns Scuf! – for Origin PC and branded in Origin PC black with red buttons. The battery life is not that great.

origin-pc-big-o-inside-console.png "data-original =" origin-pc-big-o-inside-console.png

The console part of the end model, equipped with an optional Elgato card.

Origin PC

We compared the prototype, but nothing is striking. it works exactly as you would expect from its components. I say this is the second Ryzen 9 3900X system I've used – the other is a Falcon Northwest Talon Anniversary Edition, which I am embarrassingly late to write – and thanks in part to the 12 cores, excellent performance and stable processor.

The PC and console can work simultaneously and output videos on separate screens or display them on a single screen, where you switch between the video inputs. They are completely in the sandbox; At least in the prototype, they do not share video outputs, network connections, USB connections … they even have separate power supplies.

So it's just like stacking a PS4 on the PC, just a little prettier.

Update, 10:40 a.m., PT: Adds explanations from Origin PC.