The blues Jay Bouwmeester collapses on the bench in an "unsettling moment"

<pre><pre>The blues Jay Bouwmeester collapses on the bench in an "unsettling moment"

The defender of the St. Louis Blues, Jay Bouwmeester collapsed on the bench During the game on Tuesday night in Anaheim, California, the longtime NHL player was brought to a local hospital on a stretcher.

According to the blues show, Bouwmeester was vigilant and alert on the way to a local hospital.

The Blues and Ducks agreed to postpone the 1-1 game. This was more than half of the first run when the 36-year-old Bouwmeester slowly started to fall after taking a sip of water.

"Just a worrying moment" said Darren Pang, a former goalkeeper and blues analyst, seemed shaken in the air. "Everyone is worried down here."

Paramedics rushed to the blues bank after being called in by nearby players.

"I thought they reacted incredibly quickly," said Pang, who sits between the benches during the games.

The Blues hold their father's trip, so Bouwmeester's father Dan accompanied his son to the hospital. after the St. Louis post-dispatch.

Bouwmeester played his 57th game this season, the 1,241. his NHL career in season 17. He ran 1:20 in his last shift before collapsing and logged 5:34 ice age in the game.

Edmonton-born Bouwmeester was a junior hockey star and was ranked third overall by the Florida Panthers in 2002. He has played for Florida, Calgary and St. Louis.

The Blues signed a one-year, $ 3.25 million deal for the season with the seasoned defender in April.

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