The Changing Trends in Kitchen Worktops Materials for 2020


The markets for kitchen furnishing keep changing with time to meet the taste (pun intended) and needs of the buyers’ class. With every fresh blow of the air, the world sees the emergence of new trends and fads.

One such change which has been persistent from the age of ancients is the change in the field of the usage of the material for the furnishing. Nobody wishes to live with the old and mundane ways of living neither they want to lag behind the clash of fashion and trends.

2019 has been the year of Homebase worktops and saw some re-emergence of the older materials and the introduction of some new home furnishing ideas. The year thereby made itself a precursor of something more fashionable and trending in the décor arena.

The expectations now rest upon 2020, which if statistics are to be believed is going to be a year to look forward to. The air of new trends in the field of home-based worktops has already acquired its pace and each one of us who has a knack for home furnishing materials.

A well-furnished kitchen is an integral part of every household. Everyone wishes to have a unique kitchen showcasing their persona through every small detail the kitchen comprises of. This is perhaps the main reason making options for Homebase kitchen worktops in the market, a part of the never-ending list.

Everyone uses their own set of materials to customize their places’ look and comfort. The synthesized and remodeled materials have opened a broader prospect for such domains making your kitchen experience exclusively yours.

Here is a list of top five natural as well as synthesized Homebase kitchen materials which are likely to be seen in the trend busters of 2020:


The ruler in the elite club of kitchen worktops is the undefeated king from hundreds of Decade. Granite has always been the first choice for the Homebase kitchen worktops as the material is almost impervious to heat. In addition to the exceptionally durable and nature-friendly qualities, there is a broad palette of more than 3000 granite variants to choose from.

The expensive material adds elegance and class to your worktops and is worth every single penny invested. Granites, however, require expert maintenance for its longer life. People often find this a difficult task, but the result of such sealings and fittings are an answer to all their worries.


Another expensive choice for the countertops is the porous Marble. The shiny, polished materials’ unique patterns make it stand out of the crowd. Marbles have always enjoyed the prime focus since the very beginning of the home furnishing fad. The rock is excellent in hiding scratches as well as easy cleaning.

Marble also adds the grandeur of a classic renaissance feel to your home base worktop and also serves as a real-state investment to your home. Moreover, the material is exceptionally good as a heat resistant making your living a somewhat cooler one.


Also known as the engineered stone Quartz are alternatives for the marbles, the cheaper one. It exhibits all the prominent qualities such as unique patterns, heat and acids’ resistivity at lower rates. There are several varieties of quartz slabs that can be used as the DIY fittings and is available with 98 percent quartz inhibition. The raisins present in Quartz Homebase kitchen worktops make it easy for cleaning and re-installing purposes.


The choices offered by the ceramic tiles in the form of human-made patterns and designs are the USP of its sale. The trend of tiles has taken a giant way as with every season there is a new option of customizable tiles’ design available.

The tiles slabs are easy for sealing and for cleaning purposes as well. They are practically immune to heat and adverse climate and adds a glamorous look to your home base worktops at a very affordable cost.


The warm and classic texture a butcher block or a wooden panel provides a primal touch to your home base kitchen bases. Nowadays, woods are becoming the top choices when it comes to the selection of a home décor material. With its raw looks and extended-lasting properties, it can be used again and again.

Despite being expensive, the wooden blocks serve as a long term investment in your home as after sanding even an old log can be transformed into brand new furnishing apparel.


Which material do you think will be the trendsetter for the next decade? Are you willing to bet on the natural granite and marble or do you think quartz will overtake them with its equivalent offerings at much lowers costs? Share your opinion in the comments below.