The Chiefs' overlooked defense made this Super Bowl comeback possible


MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. – The chiefs' defenders listened to the chatter for two weeks. You heard how great the defense of the 49ers was. They heard how great their colleagues were on the Kansas City offensive.

Not many people mentioned their defense. But in the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl 2020, the chief's defense had three critical stops that allowed Patrick Mahomes to make a comeback and give Kansas City its first Super Bowl title in 50 years.

"Tonight we are the best defense in the world," said Frank Clark.

It didn't look like that for a while. The 49ers scored 10 points in the third quarter and took the lead 20:10, and San Francisco quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo was ahead. But the chiefs gave in. After that, the chiefs said they had never lost faith.

This is a team that left the Texans 24-0 in the division round of the playoffs and dropped 10 points in the AFC championship game. Comebacks are his specialty.

The bosses defeated the 49ers and won the Super Bowl 2020 on Sunday.
The bosses defeated the 49ers and won the Super Bowl 2020 on Sunday.Getty Images

"I told coach [Andy] Reid, we won't leave this place without a ring, "said defender Chris Jones." I won't get back on the bus until we have a ring. I had no doubt that we would win. We were around 10, the game got a little restless, up and down. I was in no doubt. We have MVP on the other side of the ball. We have the fastest and best reception corps in the league. Our defense, Sack Nation Baby. You will make a film about it. "

The first defense stop came after Mahomes' second interception of the game. San Francisco took the lead with 11: 57 minutes before the end with 20 points. The chiefs forced a punt with a lead of 9:01. Mahomes led the chiefs for a touchdown on the field, which reduced the score to 20-17.

The 49ers got the ball back at 20, and the bosses showed their best defense of the night and forced a three-way equalizer after two Garoppolo imperfections.

"I felt like we knew in the last quarter that things were going to be tight and that we needed to take a step forward to win this game," said safety bully Mathieu. "And I thought we could do it."

Mahomes retrieved the ball and drove the Chiefs 65 yards in seven games, throwing a touchdown pass to Damien Williams to rise 24:20. The 49ers took the lead with 2:39. It was up to the chiefs to take the lead.

"We knew it was over," said cornerback Bashaud Breeland. “Once they put it on us, we wanted this game to run on us. We wanted to rule it out for our offense. Everyone knows that this is an offensive team. Everyone sees it as an offensive team. We wanted to get out of here and show that we can also play defense. "

They completed the 49ers and ended the series with a fourth sack from Clark. The Chiefs scored another goal, and then the Chiefs had another defensive streak in which they intercepted Garoppolo for the second time.

"It wasn't pretty," said Defense Coordinator Steve Spagnulo, "but it was grainy."