However, it will not take over the management of Away as planned. Away's decision follows a devastating corporate culture report released last month. Korey will share the position of CEO with Stuart Haselden, the former COO of Lululemon (LULU), It starts on Monday.
Away announced a change of leadership in December after an investigation by The Verge. Some employees said Korey maintained detailed allegations of a toxic work culture. After publishing the story, Korey tweeted She "made mistakes" and "expressed herself in ways that hurt the team". She said she was "horrified and embarrassed" and "not proud" of her behavior.
Co-founder and co-CEO Steph Korey.

In a memo to employees on Monday, Korey denied parts of Verge's article and called it "inaccurate reporting," complaining that he "triggered a social media mob against her and her employees."

Haselden was originally supposed to become CEO of Away at a later date. The company could go public at some point, and its experience could help it master this sometimes chaotic process.

Instead, Korey told employees on Monday that she and Haselden will share their roles as co-CEOs. She said the previous plan made it appear that she was leaving the company, which she is not.

In the memo, Korey explained how the roles are divided. Together with co-founder Jen Rubio, she will focus on marketing, communication and addressing customers. Haselden will deal with technology, supply chain and especially "people and culture".

"The leadership change plan starting this week is designed to ensure that everyone who is absent has the clarity and context they need to succeed in their role," Korey said in the message.

Away was last valued at $ 1.4 billion in its latest round of financing.