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Amazon Advertising is now the third largest advertising platform in the United States.

Do it well? You make money on Amazon.

You're wrong? You bleed in cash.

This is a complete step-by-step video tutorial for Amazon FBA sellers who want to run the best. Amazon. Advertisements. Never. A complete Amazon PPC strategy.

6 steps:

(2) ACoS OBJECTIVES – Amazon FBA revenue calculator at Seller Central
(3) AUTOMATIC CAMPAIGNS: automatic guidance for keyword discovery
(4) MANUAL CAMPAIGNS – Sponsored product advertisements and sponsored brands (title)

… a 14 day wait …

(5) REPORTS – Analysis of your search terms report
(6) CAMPAIGN OPTIMIZATION: bid adjustments, negative keywords, additional keywords, etc.

About AsteroidX:

As an Amazon advertising service, Amazon ads = everything we do. We are a group of PPC nerds, marketing specialists and software developers dedicated to helping you earn more money at Amazon.

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