The complete blog guide for a living


In this video, you will learn our full plan to earn a full-time income online as a blogger in approximately 24 months. This is the best place to start if you want financial independence through passive income online.

While watching, you will get:
-Our plan to obtain full-time passive income online in approximately 24 months
-Project 24 schedule or what to expect in terms of traffic and revenue every month along the way
-Our mix of content and other tips, each of which could save you a year on your trip to full-time income online
-Our tool to choose a theme for your website

When you are ready to start your niche website for passive income, see Project 24, our complete course that shows you how to work to replace your current income with passive income from websites in 24 months. Check it out here:

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Project 24 is a product of Income School LLC. The mentioned results are not typical. The trademark "Project 24" refers to the goal of some people to create a successful business in 24 months, but it is not a promise or guarantee of that success. Many online businesses fail because, like any company, it requires a lot of work, skill and dedication. Before making business decisions, consult a licensed financial and legal professional in your jurisdiction.