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Wood Creek Open-food 1

Wood Creek Open-food 1

The new Woodcreek 4-in-1 grill from Cuisinart uses either wood pellets or charcoal briquettes.


Cuisinart is the newest brand interested in the pellet grill game. Such as Weber, The appliance manufacturer now has a new range of outdoor wood stoves that are up to the challenge Carrier for dominance. The most interesting product from my point of view is the extremely flexible Woodcreek 4-in-1 pellet grill, valued at $ 597. Thanks to a large pellet container with a capacity of 30 pounds and a tight seal, it can smoke food slowly and slowly for hours.

There is also a ceramic "briquette" accessory designed to sear items over high heat. And if only real charcoal briquettes are sufficient, the grill is equipped with a removable charcoal pan that also takes on this task. Other practical functions include a cast iron grill plate, viewing window and halogen interior lights.

Cooking with the app

Equipped with a pair of meat probes, the Woodcreek grill monitors the inside temperature of the food. It also communicates with your phone via Bluetooth via the Cuisinart Easy Connect BBQ app. And although there are no detailed step-by-step instructions, such as Weber's application Setup instructions, timers and graphic functions are provided.

The $ 688 Twin Oaks pellet and gas grill is the other new stove in Cuisinart's range. Essentially two products in one, the left side of the Twin Oaks is a wood pellet smoker, and the right side is a propane gas grill. Charcoal fans should note that you want to pass this grill on as it cannot process briquettes.

Double Oak Open-food 1

The Twin Oaks Grill has a little more cooking space and burns either wood pellets or propane.


The Twin Oaks, however, have a little more leeway. It comes with a 900-square-inch cooking area (in total). The Woodcreek has a cooktop area of ​​862 square inches (total).

Outlook and availability

According to Cuisinart, both grills are now available from Walmart and other select stores.