The debate about Eli Manning's Hall of Fame is a breeze for Richard Sherman

<pre><pre>The debate about Eli Manning's Hall of Fame is a breeze for Richard Sherman

There is no debate in Richard Sherman's head:

Eli Manning belongs to the Hall of Fame.

For Sherman, Manning is a hall of famer for leading the Giants to magical Super Bowl runs twice and beating Tom Brady and the Patriots twice, which once spoiled a perfect season for him and them.

"I think Eli is a Hall of Famer," the elite 49er cornerback replied to a question from The Post about "Super Bowl Opening Night." "I think people underestimate what it means to run through the Super Bowl … there's a reason why so few Low Seeds have never won a Super Bowl. The teams he did it with are probably 30, 40 percent of the low seeds that won Super Bowls.

"And he played at a high level. His teams weren't always great, he wasn't always surrounded by talent, and when he did, he played pretty well.

"But to survive the playoffs, he won some of the teams he defeated twice against the great quarterback of all time – and two of the best teams of all time." He beat an undefeated team ever. He beat an undefeated team that had Randy Moss, who had just had a record season. Who does that?

"And for these reasons, I think he's a Hall of Famer."

When asked if he had intercepted Manning, Sherman smiled and said, “I caught him a couple of times. That's why you want him in the Hall of Fame – the more Hall of Fame quarterbacks you get, the greater the chance that you're in there. "

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