The desperation of politician Tom Brady includes the offer to rename the city after him

<pre><pre>The desperation of politician Tom Brady includes the offer to rename the city after him

Uncertain times require drastic measures in New England.

With Tom Brady, who may become a free agent in March after 20 seasons with the Patriots, Massachusetts politicians have offered everything from the key to the city of Boston to the renaming of a city for him.

When asked if he would rename a city to Brady, according to WHDH-TV, House Representative Robert DeLeo said, "For David Ortiz we have a bridge named after him, so we might think of something else (for Brady )). But I'm still not sure if he's done. "

The Mayor of Boston, Marty Walsh, said he would offer the city the six-time Super Bowl Champ Keys while facing the challenge of raising another Lombardi trophy.

"I think that will be Tom Brady's decision, but one thing about Tom Brady is that he likes challenges," said Walsh recently, according to WEEI. "If you listen, Tom, you dropped out in the first round. So the challenge is to go back to the Super Bowl next year. So stay in New England."

The Patriots season ended disappointingly on Saturday night when the titans defeated the reigning Super Bowl champions 20:13 in the AFC wildcard round.

"Who knows what the future holds?" Brady said after the game, noting that it was "pretty unlikely" that he would retire.

Should Brady stay in New England, Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker has come up with other ways to honor him, including a remarkable day in December.

"I think December 12th would be a really interesting day to eventually turn into Tom Brady Day," said Baker, referring to Brady's shirt number. "If he stays, I think it's great, but he doesn't owe us anything."

Baker's remarks reflect a similar sentiment expressed by patriot owner Robert Kraft, who told NBC Sports & # 39; Peter King that Brady has the right to dictate his future.

"Before the season started, it was very important to Tom that he could do anything he wanted at the end of the year," said Kraft. "Do you know what I said to myself? That everyone who has played for this team for 20 years and helps us achieve nine Super Bowls and was really selfless deserves this right. "