The fearsome first four of the 49ers are ready to bottle Patrick Mahomes

<pre><pre>The fearsome first four of the 49ers are ready to bottle Patrick Mahomes

MIAMI – Lawrence Taylor is the most feared pass rusher the NFL has ever seen, every quarterback's worst nightmare, and he has advice for the 49er predators who want to cut off the fearless head of the Kansas City snake, Patrick Mahomes ,

"Don't do what everyone else is doing … don't lose the content of Mahomes, okay?" The original LT said on Radio Row. "Teams, they just get out of position and start doing stupid things. How are you supposed to play a defense like that when you're not in control of the man? "

L. T. came a warning on the four fronts praised by the 49ers.

"You have to say that the defense is real," said L.T. said. "Will they be able to put pressure on Mahomes?

"It's hard to put pressure on a guy who walks around like an idiot, you know?"

The 49ers know it. However, you are pretty sure that Mahomes does not put his pants on two legs at the same time.

You are pretty sure that Mahomes is human.

And people can get messed up.

Ask DeForest Buckner if Mahomes can be shaken.

"Yes. I think everyone could get mixed up," says Buckner, who had 7.5 sacks in the regular season. "I don't think they face a front like us or a defense like ours. So we don't have to play our game until Sunday. "

Ask Dee Ford if Mahomes can be shaken.

"Yes," says the defensive end, which had 6.5 sacks in 10 games.

I ask him why he says that.

"They pay us for that," he says.

The 49ers Front Four brought a lot of money to the club. The San Francisco defense has a total of nine playoff bags, 57 for the season and 306 quarterback pressures. Mahomes was sacked twice in the postseason and 16 times in 16 games.

"He can differentiate you in different ways, either with his legs or with his arm," said Ford. "We feel like we have the guys in the room who can put pressure on them and make bad decisions."

Saints backup quarterback Teddy Bridgewater is very aware of the guys in the room – Buckner, Ford, Arik Armstead (10 bags) and rookie Nick Bosa (nine bags) – all pull picks from the first round.

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"You can't just worry about a man," Bridgewater told The Post. Â € œAll of these people can come to the quarterback. It is a special group. "

It's a group without a nickname, without a Fearsome Foursome or Purple People Eaters or the Gold Rush.

"I don't think I've really heard the real name yet," Buckner said, smiling.

The Super Bowl 42 Giants had no nickname when Michael Strahan, Osi Umenyiora and Justin Tuck chased Tom Brady. Unlike Brady, Mahomes can also hit you with his legs.

"We know that he is not a statue back there, that he is mobile and can play with his legs on the field, so we will be aware of this, but we will continue to be aggressive and chase after him," said Armstead.

What makes the 49ers Pass Rush so dangerous is that it can come from anywhere on the Nine Line introduced by Defense Line coach Kris Kocurek, and it can come from anyone.

Bosa is the Pro Bowl Defensive End Technician.

"When I faced Nick in a training camp this off-season, it was almost shocking to see how far he got from college and his game has improved since then," the 49er veteran against Joe Staley told The Post , “It was almost a relief for me to see how dominant he was when he came into the NFL so early because it was at a time when I was thinking, 'Oh boy, maybe I slip, maybe the old one loses Man a step or two, "but he did that with every single person he went against."

Buckner: "It is incredible how good he is with his hands."

Ford brings veteran leadership and a lightning exit.

Armstead: "Its speed is terrifying and it opens up a lot of things to us."

Buckner: "You are so afraid of his speed, but you forget how strong he is."

Armstead, 6-foot-8 with a medium long-arm stitch that can play both end and tackle, enjoyed a breakout season.

"He's a monster," said Buckner. "He's going straight to someone's face to get a sack."

Buckner is also 6-8 and plays both end and tackle.

"He is 6-8, but he can play like 6-2, his pad level can be very low," said Ford.

Bull's eye: Mahomes.

"The culture and mentality we have," said Armstead, "is said to be legendary."

Mahomes against chaos.