The full Google AdWords course: Beginner to Advanced!


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In this video we will cover the basics of AdWords, the basics of digital marketing, the creation of your first advertising campaign, how to create the best ads to maximize conversions, adjust your campaigns based on the data you collect, scale successful campaigns, generate a positive ROI and much, much more! The most important thing is that the tutorials included in this video present a teaching approach on the shoulder through a detailed screenshot. This course is included in The Complete Digital Marketing Course Bundle, where you can learn Google AdWords, Facebook Marketing, Email marketing and YouTube promotion. Mastering these 4 web platforms is essential for any digital marketer, and if you like to support the channel, we invite you to check out this course package!

Time stamps:
1:08 How can you get the most out of this course?
6:41 Basic Terms
14:47 Campaign settings, offers and locations
20:14 Keyword types and understanding the level of quality of your keyword in Google AdWords
26:42 A reliable landing page is critical for conversions and a high keyword score
39:54 Generally, it takes faith and a constant effort to get excellent results
46:11 Conversions are the only thing that matters. Ignore all other data!
51:49 Preparing for conversion tracking setup
55:16 Go to tools and complete your conversion tracking setup
1:04:05 How to immediately confirm that conversion tracking is set up correctly
1:17:20 How to add Google Analytics tracking to get deeper AdWords data
1:23:57 Keep the first campaign simple while waiting for approval
1:33:04 Review of the initial campaign and copy in a new campaign
1:39:20 Keyword research to expand an existing campaign with new ad sets
1:50:52 How to quickly make display campaigns using search ads
1:58:49 Proof of trademarks and limited approval announcements on a new product
2:15:09 How to quickly test a new landing page and copy ad groups
2:27:44 Quickly copying campaigns and dividing test countries
2:38:39 Keyword research and rapid creation of new campaigns with the best offer
2:47:40 First conversions recorded with a free offer
2:53:46 Choose which campaigns to stop and save money
2:59:36 AdWords is a challenge because you must wait for enough data
3:06:54 Adding keywords to a campaign now gets impressions and expands to show
3:15:12 Day 5 pausing campaigns that don't convert and preparing for new sales
3:31:00 Programming of conversion data announcements, adjustment of mobile device offer and appreciation of success
3:40:30 Launch of a new product with expensive keywords
3:46:17 Ads created in a trademark keyword that require the approval of the AdWords specialist
4:02:05 What to do when your conversions don't match your actual sales
4:12:03 How to start expanding campaigns with conversions
4:21:03 Create new ads based on what is being converted, copy the ads and add negative keywords
4:32:30 Review of conversions with negative keywords, ad copy and geographic targeting
4:45:49 Look while I discover live the reason why my conversions are higher than sales
4:54:54 The end or just the beginning You decide! I will continue to build this!
5:09:02 How to handle errors for trademark requirements
5:23:16 Using organic search traffic and another keyword tool to add negative keywords
5:27:53 Conversions shown on products other than those advertised
5:34:46 Making a better landing page produces my first proven positive ROI!
5:40:49 How to use location reports to exclude places where ads aren't converting
5:47:25 Change the type of keyword match to exact match and exclude search partners
5:56:36 Increase daily budget and eliminate countries with high-cost conversions
6:06:08 Reducing bids where sales are more expensive and checking ad scheduling
6:14:53 What to do when your cost per conversion suddenly increases
6:24:26 Use of the bid and budget simulator to make campaign changes
6:38:34 When you finally get a perfect solution, let it run without interference!
6:47:49 With two months of good data, I can now go deeper for a lower continuous cost per conversion
6:55:27 Overview of remarketing configured correctly in Google Analytics and Google AdWords
6:58:01 Creating a new Google Analytics property and installing the tracking code
7:01:30 Linking your AdWords account and starting remarketing
7:09:08 The rapid creation of image ads quickly goes from 1 ad to 48 ads in a set of ads
7:15:46 Copy of ad campaigns to divide by country
7:33:46 Use of Google Analytics to optimize AdWords marketing and show ads
7:47:48 Google Adwords for video: why use it and how I use it today
7:50:17 How to quickly make a $ 0.01 cost per view ad campaign
7:53:49 Using Google remarketing audiences to find similar users
7:56:47 Make a keyword to Google AdWords for the video campaign
7:58:10 Use reports to see which of your target audience looks more