The girl's malicious hair-raising basketball attack was caught on video

<pre><pre>The girl's malicious hair-raising basketball attack was caught on video

After defending a 3-pointer, a high school basketball player had her ponytail pulled so tight that she fell to the ground. Thanks to social media, this has led to an investigation into the Ohio school district where she plays.

WTOL 11 in Ohio received the video and addressed the boroughs that represent Bellevue High School and Norwalk High School. The family of the injured Norwalk player informed the station that the girl was recovering. It is unclear what led to the attack. The posted video only shows the incident and its consequences.

"We are aware of the incident and are working to collect all information before deciding how we will proceed," Bellevue told WTOL 11 in a statement.

"My primary concern is the health of our injured sports student," Norwalk superintendent George Fisk wrote by email. “She is a fantastic, hardworking young woman and in no way deserves the aggressive, unsportsmanlike action taken against her. I have been in contact with the administration of Bellevue City Schools and they have assured me that appropriate measures will be taken after their investigation is complete. I also hope that the Ohio High School Athletic Association will not remain silent and uninvolved in this situation. "

Bellevue superintendent Kim Schubert said disciplinary action will be taken.

"Our priority is the health and safety of all student athletes, including those at opposing schools and our own athletes," she said.