The hype surrounding Zion Williamson makes pelicans a more difficult bet

<pre><pre>The hype surrounding Zion Williamson makes pelicans a more difficult bet

The skillful planning of the NBA brought “Giannis Antetokounmpo vs. Zion Williamson ”on Tuesday after the Super Bowl in a national TV spot (7.30pm, TNT). This is a great way to introduce sports fans (and weather) who are changing from soccer to the future of professional basketball.

Milwaukee in New Orleans is definitely a must among basketball players. Do you have to bet on basketball?

As always, it depends on the row value. The public betting teams. Sharps study the teams and then set prices. Let’s see how both teams have performed recently compared to market expectations:

Milwaukee (6-8 ATS last 14 games)

The Bucks covered 60 percent of their games by the end of 2019 (21-14). However, the hurdles for the favorites of the unaffordable Eastern Conference have risen. The markets rate them like a juggernaut every evening. It is not possible or even reasonable to play at this level. Milwaukee can roll straight out at 41-7 to a # 1 seed.

For the weather, it is worth noting that the Bucks this season are between 11 and 15 ATS as two-digit favorites after the cover against Phoenix on Sunday. In all other games, they are 16-7 ATS (70 percent). Milwaukee still plays with a chip on the shoulder in litmus tests.

New Orleans (15-4-1 ATS his last 20 games, 3-3 ATS with Zion)

The pelicans had 67 percent exposure to Zion until they collapsed on Super Bowl Sunday in Houston in the fourth quarter. They had caught fire before his return, 12-1-1 ATS in the previous 14 games.

It's a peculiarity of the market: when the day came before Zion's return, New Orleans had been extremely underestimated by a market that focused more on professional football, college bocce, and college basketball. But the odds makers have made the pelicans with Williamson the "playoff caliber". They have been 50/50 against the line ever since.

New Orleans didn't get "worse" with Williamson. It could have been a worse bet because expectations rose so quickly. The pelicans were awarded a Zion lineup of around 5 or 6, despite a record 20-30 throughout the season.

In the opening row for Bucks-Pelicans you will find out how oddsmakers see the two teams. Remember to adjust three points for the home advantage. First market moves will tell you what Sharps think. It is possible that public actions will trigger the number in the hours before the bet. For leisure weather, however, it is still a bit early to achieve such an effect.

Tempo factors indicate that the game will be a track meeting on Tuesday. Milwaukee plays the fastest pace in the NBA with 105.23 owners per 48 minutes, according to New Orleans is fifth with 103.38. Don't hinder the NBA total without thinking about the pace!

Milwaukee-New Orleans should feel like a playoff game. Maybe more like a rock concert when both young superstars play by their standards at their first regular season meeting. If health permits, we'll watch the two most dominant NBA troops of the next decade. You'd better get used to hindering your games.