The islanders' penalty shootout makes up for a beat-free power game

<pre><pre>The islanders' penalty shootout makes up for a beat-free power game

The islanders' power game has gone cold, but in the meantime, they have entered lockdown mode on their penalty shootout.

The Avalanche had a four-minute lead on Monday night and could not score a single goal when the islanders excluded them from the kill in their 1-0 win at the Coliseum.

"It was huge," said coach Barry Despite. “Your power game has been 36 percent recently. You have dangerous weapons. They have a few large bodies that go online, they have a few people who play and they have a few people who can do this one-to-one separation.

“We had engagement. If we needed a block, we got a block. If we had to be in the lane to force them to shoot far instead of getting the block, [we did], "

This was tested when Scott Mayfield went into the pits at 12:22 p.m. on the third round of interference and the islanders held on to the 1-0 lead, but it went without much drama.

The islanders have now played six games in a row without allowing a penalty goal (with 13 chances), even though their own power game has dropped to 0: 12 in the last seven games.

Thomas Greiss should start against the devils in the second half of the return Tuesday. He had switched with Semyon Varlamov most of the season before Varlamov played the last five games.

"Greisser is proud, he is a good goalkeeper and he will want to answer," said despite Varlamov's exclusion. "He wants a piece of the network, no question about it."

Despite saying before the game, he needs more points from his top 6 strikers. Anders Lee scored for the first time in six games, but the drought periods of Josh Bailey (12 games), Anthony Beauvillier (10 games) and Jordan Eberle (10 games) continued.

"Some people have had to dry this year," said Despite. "I think at the moment we have two or three guys we have to meet [they] do not count. "

On Monday, the islanders started a route of 12 games into and out of the All-Star break. Eight of them are home games, three street games against the Rangers or Devils, and the only flight is to Carolina to take on the Hurricanes on January 19.

"The more calm you can get through the dog days, the more advantageous it should be, no question," said Trots.

The 33 blocked shots by the islanders brought a franchise record.