"The Mets Way": In the overhaul that could change everything


PORT ST. LUCIE – The Cardinals Way. These three words evoke an organizational standard that decides how to win baseball and how to expect success.

Whether you are a minor or a major, there is a certain way to get the job done. Everyone is essentially on the same baseball side.

The Mets, which have not won the World Series since 1986 and have only two championships in their history, have never received such a foundation across the organization.

The Mets believe that this spring training has changed.

Last week, the complex was staffed with 61 staff – minor league and major league coaches, coordinators, analytics and training staff, while the Mets put together a series of seminars that covered all aspects of the game in detail.

"The Mets Way. It has a philosophy. It has structure and purpose, ”Brodie Van Wagenen told Post on Saturday. "We used the word" purpose "a lot in our meetings. We are not here to go over the motions. We want to make sure that we have a purpose in our words, in our exercises and in our practice, because this purpose is in us able to achieve what we want to achieve. "

Under the direction of Allard Baird, the deputy GM for scouting and player development, a manual was created and practice sessions were held. New manager Luis Rojas led the program's outfield segment earlier this week. This is a total practical approach.

It is no longer guessed how things should be done. The Mets Way is now a real thing and not just a negative comment that the organization is accused of strangely, bizarrely messing up Mets.

Luis Rojas
Mets manager Luis Rojas holds a meeting.Anthony J. Causi

There is a worksheet designed by R. L & # 39; Heureux Lewis-McCoy, an associate professor of sociology of education at the Institute for Applied Statistics, Social Sciences and Education, Humanities at the Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development in New York University. Lewis-McCoy will visit the camp during spring training.

"He will meet with trainers, mental skills trainers, analysts and trainers," said Baird. “He knows how to teach different generations and people from everywhere. This kind of goes where the game is today. You are always looking for this advantage. "

Baird spent the first year of his activity evaluating and developing such a plan.

"We had good employees, we hired good employees, I also think we got the resources from the property, we now have real technology," said Baird. "The purpose of the five breakout sessions [this past week] was to say OK what is our goal? Where do we want to be in these special areas at the end of spring training? The trainers are the CEOs of the respective area, regardless of whether it is about catching, throwing, hitting, inner field, basic run or outer field. After describing this goal: OK, how do we get there?

“After that, we wanted the boys to talk about philosophy, teaching, practice, and the technology we're going to use, all of these things, the last part was the centerpiece of the session, and there will be a sequel to the minor leagues. & # 39; & # 39;

Details were given on how to deal with an outfield player who wants to show his arm, or how best to change an infield player's poor setup position.

One of the keys, said Gary DiSarcina, who chaired the infield breakout session, is, "Ask a player at the beginning of his career: How do you want to be remembered as a player?"

Mets trainers and coordinators speak the same language of instruction.

Baird explains: "When we send a man from Double-A to the big leagues, there is no such thing as" Oh my god, I have never heard of that, "so we try to create it."

All trainers meet on Tuesday to prepare for spring training. Ground rules.

"Every man got a pocket-sized basics book and watched a power point presentation, and then we all went out to the field to go over the basics," said Baird. "We are a total consumption of our life experiences and everyone can share this information. When that happens, something is going on. Ultimately, it's about getting your players in the best position to win. As Luis said in one of the meetings, this is the Mets mindset and he's really excited about it all. "

The Mets Way must be a profitable way.