The most famous valluna chop in Colombia | PPC | The Insatiable


New chapter of The Insatiable, #ConLicenseParaProbar! 🎥This time, we went to a restaurant in Bogotá that you recommended a few days ago on our Instagram account to calm our craving for chop valluna.

Some wanted to send us to the Valle del Cauca itself (not a bad idea, see … When we reach the 100K subscribers, let's tour the south of Colombia), but others (many) have us go to PPC.

With our 40,000 Colombian pesos, we tried the famous cutlet valluna, which came with French fries and tartar sauce, white rice and salad and also a rice with chicken almost a kilo with French fries (so or more Creoles?) … And we still have to drink and everything (celebrate it, David). 🙌

The portions are generous and fit the prices … Just for an Insatiable "pure strain". 👌

Share this video with friends who are going to invite you to the "feast" at PCC and let's grow this community to become rich and famous! 💸 Lies … To continue knowing new restaurants in Bogotá, Colombia and the world. 🍔🍗🍣

Recommended: the cutlet valluna … good, beautiful and cheap. Go and prove that # LaDietaLaEmperemos Tomorrow.

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We went to the one in Carrera 53 # 102A – 09, but only in Bogotá there are 60. Here we leave you the link with all the addresses:

Attention schedule:
Mon – Sun: 11:00 a.m. – 10:00 pm.