The newly appointed CEO of NextgenID continues to support the Secure Technology Alliance

<pre><pre>The newly appointed CEO of NextgenID continues to support the Secure Technology Alliance

WASHINGTON. January 13, 2020 / PRNewswire / – NextgenIDnewly appointed CEO, Mohab Murrarannounced today that the company is doing business with Secure Technology Alliance, an advocacy group for digital security.

When Murrar took over the leadership of the company, he said: "NextgenID will remain a committed member of Allianz. This acquisition benefits Allianz by leveraging the key skills, solutions, and talents of the Zeva Holdings Group family. We are committed to accelerate leadership and innovative identity management solutions through our partnerships and alliances. "

The former CEO of NextgenID, Danny Millsexplains: "We are very excited about the opportunity to work with Zeva, our longstanding partner. It was very important to us to make sure that our successor continued our long term strategy, revolutionary products for I am pleased that Mohab and the whole The Zeva Holdings Group team share this key vision and is an ideal complement to Mohab’s leadership experience that has been brought together in the public and commercial sectors with NextgenID’s ability to deliver current and future products and services. "

Tom Lockwood"Mohab has the vision, drive and ingenuity to use the design options of an organization like the Secure Technology Alliance."

Murrar's vision of innovation will drive new products, services and skills. "We're going to break the current model, which is either exceptionally high cost or low satisfaction and low value. By granting NextgenID access to the resources of the Zeva Holdings Group and leveraging the power of the alliance to promote secure technology standards, we will become innovative identity safeguards deliver solutions at a lower price, "Murrar concludes.

About NextgenID

NextgenID (, a Zeva Holdings company, is a leading provider of Trusted Identity Assurance, Management, and Credentialing solutions with government-approved products and systems that specifically address issues of corporate identity compliance and management for PIV, PIV-I , CIV, CAC and deal with other credential form factors.

About the Zeva Holdings Group

Zeva Holdings Group ( offers software solutions and competent advice for advanced public key enablement, IT modernization and cybersecurity solutions to ensure the security of data and transaction processing.


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