The NFL playoff expansion plan is all you could want


Sometimes more is too much; other times, more is still not enough.

Sometimes there is more … just more.

More NFL is inevitable because the NFL is king for the time being and the royal family is not keeping the throne by magnanimously reducing everything that is hidden in the crowded box office. More real games (and, as a big bonus, fewer fake games) and more playoff action are on the cards, some for the 2020 season, and if you want to make us puristic and resist, go ahead. But it's even more up to us – and it's not a bad thing.

There can come a time when the market is saturated and the NFL Cash Cow is bloated, fat and smug. This time is far from there. Reviews continue to rise – even as stadium attendance levels drop (you can't beat the price and view of the 65-inch HD screen from your comfortable couch). Participation in fantasy football is increasing, and the burgeoning revenue streams from growing legal gaming platforms appear to be tsunami-like, eliminating any competition for the entertainment dollar.

What has been speculated and predicted for some time is on the verge of reality. For the new collective agreement, NFL owners are proposing to add a playoff team from each conference, increase the regular season to 17 games, and shorten the despised pre-season to three games, according to the ESPN. The expanded playoff format would come into effect this season. the regular season with 17 games at the earliest in 2021.

In order for the players to agree, the league must pay for the additional game – a preseason less game is not close to a compromise here. The ESPN report states that the proportion of players who currently make up 47 percent of sales would increase to 48 percent in a 16 game schedule and 48.5 percent in a 17 game schedule, which would increase players' salaries $ 5 billion increased. Translation: The players will hold back first, but eventually take the money and run.

Damien Williams of the Kansas City Chiefs runs past the San Francisco 49ers' Jimmie Ward
Damien Williams of the Kansas City Chiefs runs past the San Francisco 49ers' Jimmie WardAP

Hopefully the 17 game schedule includes an additional bye week as owners have to acknowledge the extra wear and tear on players' bodies. In addition: either expand the roster or remove the inactive game days. With changes in the air, how about pushing the Super Bowl back to Presidents Day weekend and making the day after the big game the holiday so many want?

The playoff format used by the NFL – 12 teams, bye for the first two seeds in each conference, two wildcard teams per conference – is huge and requires no changes. But it can also work more. Adding a third wildcard team to each conference means that only the # 1 seed will get the coveted reunion in the first round, making the top seed even more valuable and important. Six playoff games on the first weekend of the season – three on Saturday, three more on Sunday – are a gold mine.

From 38 percent of the teams playing the playoffs to 44 percent in the regular season, but look at what happens during the negotiations for the next television contract. There will be nothing watered down in the money that the Broadcast Rights Command demands.

Jamal Adams, the star safety of the jets, is already on board. go to twitter to do the math: "More regular season games + more playoff games = more money for the league and players, everyone wins."

The Jets haven't been in the playoffs for nine years. It's been a three-year drought for the Giants, who haven't made it into the postseason seven times in the past eight years. They need all the help they can get. More teams mean more drama throughout the season. More more more. But not too much. At least not yet.