The one thing you can't criticize Jimmy Garoppolo for at the Super Bowl


MIAMI – Let's get that out right now. There are a lot of grown men in and around the Super Bowl 2020 watching 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo and thinking, "What a handsome young man."

His teammates included.

"He looks the best by far, unbelievable, I mean, the guy is … God … wow," Tackle Joe Staley told The Post from the 49ers hotel this week.

The 28-year-old Garoppolo looks like a leader with his dark, densely cut hair, perfectly groomed and slim face growth and a film star smile that matches his sparkling eyes. There were questions about his willingness to win the big game and his ability to overtake Chief Patrick Mahomes. There were no questions about this face.

"They find something new every day to criticize him, but they never criticize his appearance," cornerstone Richard Sherman collapsed.

Everyone agrees on all of Garoppolo's appearance attributes. When George Kittle heard on Halloween 2017 that the 49ers were exchanging for Garoppolo, his first thought was: “Holy cow. Jimmy Garoppolo, this chin, is finally on the way to the west coast. "

Staley sweated it out, but was able to spell his quarterback's last name when asked to do so. If Garoppolo behaved differently, he might arouse some jealousy with his success and looks, but the 49ers are all in him.

Jimmy Garoppolo
Jimmy GaroppoloGetty Images

"What you don't understand about him as a person is that he's very down to earth, just one of the guys," said Staley. "He's not like a superstar, it's not that he only talks to certain people. He's very, very acceptable, he's from a hard working family, incredible parents, just great people. He's one of the most sincere people, I've ever seen. "

But one thing: Staley has never seen Garoppolo get angry.

"I don't think so. It's a little crazy now that I'm thinking about it," said Staley. "He gets so, he doesn't get as angry as verbally, he just gets a little disappointed. He's like a disappointed father."

Weston Richburg was Garoppolo's center for the first 13 games of the season before moving to an injured reserve with a torn patella tendon. Richburg spent his first four NFL seasons with the Giants and worked with Eli Manning.

"I see some similarities in the way they prepare, practice, and train," said Richburg. “Jimmy is up there very early in the morning and leaves late, just like Eli. I see similarities in it and they can also relax and just have fun and be one of the guys that I really respect. "

Do the similarities end here?

"Eli is attractive," said Richburg with a smile. "Jimmy, I mean, it's Jimmy. Jimmy is a handsome guy."

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