The only Super Bowl drinking game you made for Chiefs vs. 49ers need


Super Bowl 2020 – a fight between the football titans (but not the Tennessee titans) – will be held on Sunday at Hard Rock Stadium in sunny Miami.

The San Francisco 49ers led by Jimmy Garoppolo compete against the Kansas City Chiefs, which promises to be a tight match with all of this: celebrity fans, a cheeky half-time performance, and lots of Patrick Mahomes wigs.

This matchup has tons of fun stories that will fill the show. How to follow – with alcohol:

  • The chiefs last time They were in the Super Bowl in 1970 when they defeated the Minnesota Vikings. Take a sip of beer every time the stations mention that the team hasn't played in the big game in 50 years.
  • Last time the 49ers In the Super Bowl in 2013 they were at the Superdome in New Orleans, where they lost to the Baltimore Ravens and Colin Kaepernick was their quarterback. Take a sip every time you mention the controversial former QB.
  • Take a sip Every time they show Chiefs fans how to hack Tomahawk.
  • Take 2 shots When head coach Andy Reid stumbles into the field and throws the challenge flag.
  • Whenever the stations mention Pat Mahomes, the father of Chiefs QB Mahomes, who was once thrown for the Mets, takes a sip of beer.
  • Take a sip each time the broadcasters mention Reid's poor watch management.
  • When retired 49ers legend Jerry Rice shows up Take a shot and a sip of beer in its huge 49er chain every time the camera cuts towards him on the sidelines.
  • The chiefs have a large, devoted followingAmong them Eric Stonestreet, Jason Sudeikis and Paul Rudd. Take a sip every time they appear in front of the camera.
  • Look for celebrity cameos. Last week, 96-year-old World War II veteran and former Kansas senator Bob Dole said he was going to the Super Bowl. If he actually has a cameo, take a sip.
  • When Kansas City runs out, Travis meets Kelce a touchdown and makes his signature "Magic Mike" dance moves, a sip.
  • Enter Jennifer Lopez and Shakira during halftime. Whenever Jenny drops out of the Bronx or Colombian Shakira during her Spanish routine, have a drink.
  • Have a sip of beer when Mr. Worldwide, Pitbull, inevitably appears on stage during the half-time show.
  • Every time the show shows an aerial view of South Beach having a drink.
  • NFL legend Joe Montana played for the chiefs and 49ers throughout his career. Every time they show the former gunslinger on TV or mention that he's suitable for both teams, take a sip of foam.
  • This year 49ers assistant Katie Sowers was the first female and openly gay coach to train in the Super Bowl. Have a drink when they show them or tell their story.
  • Whenever they mention that 49ers rookie defensive end Nick Bosa's father, John Bosa, played for the dolphins and drank some beer.
  • When they show the J.Lo beau – Alex Rodriguez – or Shakira's baby daddy – FC Barcelona star Gerard Piqué – have a drink.
  • Have a sip of beer When a fan in a Mahomes wig flashes across the screen.
  • When the transmitters respond Both 49er coach Kyle Shananan and Reid's last stops in the Super Bowl – both considered coaching mistakes – are soaking up.
  • Shotgun a whole beer if you won your Super Bowl pool. Second, if the profit is enough to pay off your credit card debt.