The Paytm Mall receives more than 3.5 lakh requests for non-essential products while COVID-19 is blocked


New Delhi: E-commerce company Paytm Mall saw an increase in demand for non-essential items such as cell phones and laptops that are required to work from home, as well as academic material during the ongoing block, the company said on Wednesday.

“The platform recorded over 3.5 lakh requests for non-essential products, with the demand for mobile phones increasing by 200 percent.” Srinivas Mothey, senior vice president of Paytm Mall, said in a statement that items such as laptops, computer accessories for cell phones that make work from home easier should be included in the list of key items.

“… We believe that the volume of essential goods should be increased. India is currently mainly working from home, but many find it difficult because they run out of things that are necessary for effective operation while locked.” Laptops, mobile phones and accessories, computer hardware, webcams, all of these things should be part of essential goods, “said Mothey.

“The company said that many customers have marked their ‘wish list’ at Paytm Mall in the past five weeks, hoping to buy it immediately after the block ends.” “Mobile phones, which are vital parts of life, see more than 75,000 inquiries, while 50,000 Paytm Mall users are waiting for the lockout to end when they buy laptops. Demand for laptop charging cables, phone chargers, headphones, desktops, and study tables are also at an all-time high, “says the statement.

The company said it received in the comments section via two lakh emails and 3.5 lakh requests for the delivery of laptops, cell phones, headphones, trimmers, chargers, scientific books and other study materials, consumer electronics and white goods was imposed to curb coronavirus infection.

According to the Indian regulatory authority for telecommunications, around 97 percent of the country’s broadband connections are accessed via mobile devices.

The government has allowed telecommunications services to support work from home during the block, but people cannot buy mobile devices and related accessories due to restrictions during the block.

“If the lockout continues, a lack of adequate technical support would affect employee efficiency, which in turn would affect a company’s business,” said Mothey.

ICEA, the mobile phone industry association, and CAIT, the retailer, have jointly contacted Interior Minister Amit Shah to enable the sale of mobile phones as they are critical to communication during the lockout period.