The "Pokémon" movie "To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You", "The Chef Show" and more: The full list of Netflix titles to be released in February 2020

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The first month of the year brought a lot of incredible deals, like the last season of Bojack rider, The return of sex education, Vir Das & # 39; new special For Indiaand so on, that started in 2020 with the right grade. Even with slight disappointments like ghost stories and the Dracula After the restart, it was a gratifying month of binge watching that led into February, led by Adam Sandler's acclaimed title Uncut gemstones.

Although this month is not as intensive as January, it also has a lot to offer Romedy fans, because it will soon be Valentine's Day! Aside from the release of the much anticipated To all guys: P.S. I still love you (The sequel to the hit To all the boys I loved before) there are other long-time favorites like Little things, the kissing cell when we first met, etc to comfort … with a loved one or not.

A still picture from

A still image from "Little Things"

With the Oscars expected to arrive in February, there is a lot of catching up to do for those who missed nominated titles, such as: Marriage story, The Irishman, Klaus and The two popes.

A still picture from

A still from "The Two Popes"

But if neither works, here are a few tips on what's new: The pharmacist is an original documentary series that follows a small town pharmacist who uncovered the opioid epidemic. Who killed Malcom X?…07&place=STR Relighted the case decades after the murder of Afro – American leader Malcolm X, the third season of Malcolm X The cooking show Marks the return of Jon Favreau and Roy Choi at their best during Sundance drama thriller Horse girlAnother highly anticipated affair is Jeff Baena (she wrote the script with Alison Brie).

Taj Mahal 1989 and Amit Tandon: family tandonia are also exciting Indian viewers, but let's face it, everything can be compared to the hype about the new Pokémon Movie? But no, it doesn't take the super realistic animation style that Ryan Reynolds does Detective Pikachu such a big hit internationally. Rather, it is a remake of the 1998 cartoon Pokemon: The first filmand was titled Pokémon: Mewtwo Strikes Back – Evolution, and follows a fully CGI animation style.

Here's the full list of new Netflix titles released in February 2020:

Availability 03/02/2020

Team Kaylie: part 3

The adventure calls! Join Kaylie, Ray Ray, Amber, Valeria, Chewy, Jackie and many others as you navigate through friendship, flirt and nature.

Availability 04/02/2020

Tom Papa: You do great!

In an age of insurmountable media consumption and a time when bad news is spreading quickly from all directions, Tom Papa is here to announce You're Doing Great !, which is also the title of his Netflix comedy debut special ,

Availability 02/05/2020

La boda de la abuela

After getting to know the family a few years ago on the occasion of their grandmother's birthday, the same group of characters is reunited to celebrate their wedding with the family gardener.

The pharmacist

Directed by Julia Willoughby Nason and Jenner Furst (Time: The Kalief Browder story, Rest in Power: The Trayvon Martin story), The pharmacist shows how a man channeled his grief into a crusade that helped account for the powerful figures behind the nation's devastating opioid epidemic.

Availability 02/06/2020

Cagaster of an insect cage

Thirty years after the appearance of a disease that turns into carnivorous insects, a young exterminator and a young girl look for their mother.

Availability 02/07/2020

My holo love

Soyeon is a lonely woman who lives a cloudy life because of prosopagnosia. One day she accidentally owns a prototype of Hollo, a state-of-the-art AI hologram device, and her life changes.

Locke & Key


After her father was murdered under mysterious circumstances, the three Locke siblings and her mother move to their parent company, Keyhouse, which they discover and is full of magical keys that can be linked to their father's death.

Horse girl

Sarah (Alison Brie) is a socially awkward clerk in an arts and crafts shop who feels more satisfied with horses and shows with supernatural crime than people.

Who killed Malcolm X?


Decades after the murder of African-American leader Malcolm X, an activist begins a complex mission that searches for truth in the name of justice.

Dragons: Rescue Riders: Season 2

The Rescue Riders continue their mission to bring the residents of Huttsgalor to safety, but face a new enemy in Magnus' clever nephew Axel.

Availability 08/02/2020

Van Helsing: Season 4

Vanessa is committed to a new philosophy as the secrets of Blak-Tek are revealed and Sam pursues his evil agenda: the revival of the dark.

The coldest game

During the Cold War, troubled math genius Josh Mansky is drafted into a chess game between the United States and Russia – and a deadly spy game.

Availability 11/02/2020

Road to Roma

Mexican documentary filmmaker Andrés Clariond has made a making-of documentary about Roma. They shot the entire production and a detailed interview with Alfonso Cuaron.

Availability 12/02/2020

To all guys: P.S. I still love you


It's a new year and Lara Jean and Peter no longer pretend to be a couple. When John Ambrose, another recipient of an old Lara Jean love letter, comes back into her life, she has to rely more than ever on facing her first real dilemma: can a girl be in love with two boys at the same time?

Availability 13/02/2020

Narcos: Mexico: Season 2

Félix has to deal with the United States and the consequences of his actions against the DEA if he is dissatisfied with his organization.

Dragon Quest your story

Dai, the young protagonist of the series, is the only person who lives on the island. Dai was raised by Brass and his best friend, the Monster Gome, and dreams of becoming a hero.

Availability 14/02/2020

Cable Girls: Last season

Lidia returns to Spain to try, with the help of her close friends, to find her daughter, who is all dealing with the aftermath of the civil war.

Isi & Ossi

Isi needs Ossi to provoke her over-caring parents and get her to finance her long-awaited dream of becoming a cook – Ossi needs Isis money to fund a boxing match. What looks like a set plan quickly turns into emotional chaos.

Availability 17/02/2020

Outlander: Season 5

Adapted to Diana Gabaldon's popular series of fantasy novels, the epic story of two lovers returns for the fifth season.

Ashley Garcia's expanding universe

A multi-camera comedy about a 15-year-old female teen genius who lives across the country as a robotics engineer and works with her uncle, a high school soccer coach.

Availability 19/02/2020

The Cooking Show: Volume 3


Jon Favreau and Roy Choi set off on further journeys with great food and intensive discussions with celebrity chefs

Availability 20/02/2020

La Trinchera Infinita

The first Spanish film by HANDIA producers and directors. A film based on the incredible true story of the Spanish Civil War mole that was hidden in his own home for 33 years for fear of retaliation.


A teenager comes along with three other unsuitable children who get involved in the argument between Brazilian witchcraft and Japanese Shinto ghosts who invade their neighborhood.

Availability 21/02/2020


Three Latinx cousins ​​control their differences as they work to keep their grandfather's taco shop alive in their fast-growing neighborhood in Los Angeles.

Puerta 7

A woman (Dolores Fonzi) tries to free an Argentine football club from the organized crime that surrounds it. Created by Martín Zimmerman.

The last thing he wanted

Elena is found guilty of committing a dangerous fool's hunt for her father on behalf of Dick McMahon and uses the moment to continue her own investigation.



From nature to care, this documentary addresses the groundbreaking science of how babies discover life in the first year.

Glitch Techs

Glitch Techs is an action comedy that turns against a world of video game fantasies that come to life. It shows two teenage gamers doing the best after school job ever – capturing escaped video game glitches!

Pup Academy

A group of talking puppies attends a secret school where puppies become dogs and are trained to be human best friends.

Availability 26/02/2020

I do not agree

A teenager navigates the complex relationships between school, family and sexuality while dealing with new superpowers. Based on Charles Forsman's graphic novel.

Availability 27/02/2020

Altered Carbon: Season 2


When a job brings Takeshi Kovacs back to Harlan's world in a new sleeve, he finds the planet in war – and his long-lost love lurks in the shadows.


A famous and successful fashion photographer, Limi Nara, has built a career that captures the developing people and the city of what is now Tokyo. Conversely, young, aspiring actress Natsume Hyakuta struggles to find her identity and self-confidence, which affects her personal relationships and her career as an actress.

Pokémon: Two Strikes Back – Evolution


The film is the 22nd part of the Pokémon film series and a CGI remake of the first film. The story shows Ash, Pikachu and his friends and other Pokémon taking on the almighty Mewtwo (an artificial Pokémon) and his army of clones seeking revenge. The film was released in Japan last year, but will only be available to English-speaking audiences now.

Availability 28/02/2020

Formula 1: Drive to Survive: Season 2

Formula 1 drivers, managers and team owners live in the fast lane – both on and off the track. The series is now returning for season 2.


In Mexico City, three spoiled young girls meet a dangerous woman who takes them on a risky journey, where they grow and get to know themselves.

Queen Sono

The action-packed series follows Queen Sono, the highly qualified top spy of a South African agency whose aim is to improve the lives of African citizens. While undertaking her most dangerous mission to date, she has to face changed relationships in her personal life.

Side restaurants

A team of experts transform failed restaurants on the water into destinations that are connected to their community and whose breathtaking locations are well deserved.

All bright places

Based on Jennifer Niven's best-selling novel internationally, All The Bright Places tells the story of Violet Markey (Elle Fanning) and Theodore Finch (Justice Smith) who meet and change forever.

Coming soon

Taj Mahal 1989


Dharam and Rashmi, both university students, are in love and enjoy the first flush of youth. As Dharam pursues his political ambitions with increasing passion, Rashmi questions the change in his behavior and withdraws. Angad is the friend everyone needs, while his philosophy of love is very clear that it doesn't exist, and he falls head over heels for Mamta, the student leader of the Communist Party, and opposes the party's role in Dharam plays by.

La reina de indias y el conquistador

Eighteen years after the Spaniard Pedro de Heredia, the founder of Cartagena, cheated on her and broke her heart, the indigenous woman Catalina returns to take revenge.

Amit Tandon: family tandonia


Amit Tandon shares the wisdom and wisdom cracks of a tried and tested family man, from the death of a love affair in marriage to the injustices of modern parents.