The Poshard Foundation is preparing to give hundreds of thousands of dollars to help abused and neglected children



CARBONDALE, IL – We should all stay at home now, but for some children this is not the safest place.

Glenn Poshard said the past five weeks have been the busiest in his life. He and his wife founded the Poshard Foundation for Abused Children.

With a $ 400,000 grant from both the Illinois COVID-19 Response Fund and their own foundation, the Poshards can help thousands of children in 23 counties in southern Illinois.

“Isolation can put a heavy strain on a family regarding domestic violence, child abuse or everyday problems if you don’t have your normal support,” said Jo Poshard.

These needs could include things like food, primary care, medical care, and therapeutic resources for children. One of the agencies receiving money from the scholarship is the Boys and Girls Club in southern Illinois. CEO Tina Carpenter said the post will help them continue to provide meals and resources for children.

“It’s not typical for us to serve more than 1,000 meals a week, especially dinner. Our programs have changed. Our families are suffering right now. It’s a difficult time. We need to be able to take care of their bodies and souls to provide food. ” and mind, “said Carpenter.

By offering these programs, they can continue to take care of the children.


“This is a difficult time for children at risk. If they are in an unstable home where there is abuse, going to school or going to the club is a way for them to briefly escape or tell someone around, what’s going on. It’s not there right now, “said Carpenter.

Glenn Poshard said it was important that they work quickly.

“It is imperative that we get this out quickly, especially in these circumstances, as food, clothing, and all of these items are currently under duress,” said Glenn Poshard.

Glenn Poshard said this is the biggest scholarship they have ever received. All the money goes to the kids.

Social services identify children and families with the greatest needs. After the applications from the 34 groups have been submitted, the agencies decide how the money is best distributed.