The Pune police invite Valentine's Day to Valentine's Day. Twitter says we'll be there


If you're single on Valentine's Day and don't have anyone to celebrate Love Day with, don't worry, the Pune Police is there for you.

Yes that's right. The Pune Police Twitter account, known for its wit and sense of humor, hosts a chai date for the people of Pune.

It all started when Twitter user Manthan MG asked the Pune police about their plans for Valentine's Day and whether they were going to meet the Mumbai police. They replied and said, "You know how distant relationships are. We may be far away, but we have each other back wherever we are."

Another user wrote in the thread: "Will you take me on a date tomorrow night? You are my last hope." At that point, the Pune police went out of their way to invite everyone in Pune for a chai date. They wrote: "How about a chai date with @CPPuneCity for all members of Twitterati in #Pune? We look forward to welcoming you to our office at 5pm today & we will be giving details on DM. #BeOurValentinePune # ValentinesDay2020 (sic) "

Twitterati found the humor in the message and the comments on the thread made us split. Have a look.

Are you going

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