The punk-rock style legacy of Trash and Vaudeville’s Jimmy Webb


Iggy Pop borrowed his pants. Beyoncé’s mother bought her a studded jacket for her daughter’s tour. And when Debbie Harry needed someone to buckle her up to thigh highs, he was the man for the job.

Jimmy Webb, who died this week at age 62 from cancer, became famous by dressing rock royalty. Eccentric stage with bleached fluff and painted jeans not only epitomized East Village punk aesthetic, but helped keep his spirit alive as the lifelong manager and buyer in rock and roll mecca Trash and Vaudeville.

The St. Marks store, which opened in 1975, attracted everyone from rebellious teenagers to fashion stylists who craved avant-garde authenticity.

“It was my favorite place to shop for jeans and motorcycle jackets, but I also bought her wholesale line for my store,” stylist and fashion designer Patricia Field told The Post. “It’s a very unique store. It has its own sensibility. It had an identity. And, you know, Jimmy was definitely a big part of all of that.”

Like the punk-rock music that inspired him, Webb’s fashion philosophy narrowed in focus. “Anything pink,” he once told the New Yorker. “Anything with rocks animal print. Anything tight.

Her style, says renowned photographer Mick Rock, was “a mix of glamor, punk, rock and roll [and] New York, all in one, all in this wonderful and full of energy. ”

Webb’s uniform (jeans, T-shirt, leather vest, or jacket) was primarily custom-made by West Coast-based fashion designer Agatha Blois, whom Webb would visit a few times a year for the type of clothing worthy of stage that made for the tastes. Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Motley Crue.

“Everyone loved Jimmy. And I guess Jimmy and I probably got together to make him clothes, “Blois tells The Post.

“So my style and her style merged to be her look. Everyone came to him for his clothes, all the rock stars. He was just there and dressed everyone. “

A staple in the store seven days a week, Webb’s mantra when it came to fitting pants properly was “lower and tighter.”

“He was known for helping people look sexier and sexier, but feel comfortable. . . But it can be hard to put on Jimmy’s jeans a couple of years later, “jokes legendary rock photographer Bob Gruen.

Gruen first met Webb at the 2005 funeral for Art Collins, who was Iggy Pop’s lifelong manager.

“Everyone was dressed very conservatively, and he got up in his leather pants that were tight with a leather vest, and I know there was something pink involved.” And it was just, like, not funeral clothes. But he delivered the most moving and most loving speech that made the whole room cry, “says Gruen.

Despite his tough style, Webb was known for “his smile and his warmth,” says Gruen. He also loved lavishing his friends with amazing bouquets of flowers.

“Bands like Guns n ‘Roses or Iggy or several different people would take him across the country or around the world just so he was there for a concert,” adds Gruen. “The clothing was just a vehicle. Jimmy’s mission was to spread joy. “

Iggy Pop and Jimmy Webb
Webb idolized Iggy Pop, who often borrowed from Webb’s wardrobe, according to designer Agatha Blois. “Whatever I designed for Iggy would have been and was his own personal clothing that I made,” says Blois.Jamie McCarthy

Jimmy Webb and Ewan McGregor give the go-ahead.
Webb and his friend Scottish actor Ewan McGregor give themselves the go-ahead at Webb’s new boutique, I Need More. McGregor has shown the jewelry he bought from Webb on social media.Getty Images for Mae McKagan Fal

Debbie Harry and Jimmy Webb
Blondie’s frontier Debbie Harry is dating Webb at I Need More, the Lower East Side store that opened earlier this year. “I feel lucky to have met him,” Harry tells the Post.Carl Timpone /

Webb with Alice Cooper at their show on August 15, 2019 in Holmdel, New Jersey. According to photographer Kyler Clark, Webb “was one of the few people we allowed to hang out in the locker room with Alice.”Courtesy of Alice Cooper.

Beyoncé and Tina Knowles
According to a 2013 New Yorker article, Beyoncé’s mother Tina Knowles bought a studded jacket, leather pants, and a Webb corset top for her daughter’s concert tour.fake pictures

Prince Harvey, Jimmy Webb and Nicky Ottav
Webb (center) with Prince Harvey (left) and Nicky Ottav at Adam Selman’s 2017 spring fashion show. Selman made waves by designing Rihanna’s iconic “naked dress”.Gonzalo Marroquín / PMC

Joan Jett acting in 1985.
Rocker Joan Jett paid tribute to Webb on Twitter, calling him “a legend of St. Marks St., punk stylist, famous and not.”WireImage

Agyness Deyn poses for a portrait with Jimmy Webb in Trash and Vaudeville.
Model Agyness Deyn poses for a portrait with Jimmy Webb in Trash and Vaudeville in 2008.fake pictures

Miley Cyrus
“Don’t worry, I’m going to proudly hold the mullet in memory of your f-kin spirit!” The worst thing to–! The sweetest guy! Miley Cyrus commented on an Instagram story this week.GC images

Mick Rock, Jimmy Webb and Daang Goodman
Webb with Mick Rock and Daang Goodman at Don Hill’s in 2011. Goodman designed for Trash and Vaudeville Tripp’s house label, favored by artists like Billie Eilish and Lil Nas X.AP