The Rangers' messy goalkeeper situation leads to Alexandar Georgiev

<pre><pre>The Rangers' messy goalkeeper situation leads to Alexandar Georgiev

Perhaps the greatest challenge for Alexandar Georgiev as he adapts to the Rangers' situation with three goals is to deal with the nights he doesn't dress in. That will be the case again on Sunday, when Igor Shesterkin takes on the kings in the garden while Henrik Lundqvist backs off.

"It's difficult. You don't want to sit in the lounge and watch the boys play," Georgiev told Post after training on Saturday. "It's not a fun part of hockey."

Georgiev scored 25 saves in Friday's 2-3 loss to Buffalo, his first start since January 21. He played for Henrik Lundqvist for the third time four nights earlier, scoring six goals against Dallas.

"I come to the ice rink every day to try to improve," said Georgiev, who is more likely than not to be here after the close on February 24. "Every day is a new day for me."

Shesterkin's start is his second in three games and the sixth in twelve games since his debut on January 7th against the Avalanche. When David Quinn was asked if he was "just as confident" [Shesterkin] if not more than anyone on the list, "said the trainer," yes. "

Micheal Haley has been operated on for a bilateral core muscle injury and will not go on indefinitely.

"It was something that he had had for a while and was gradually deteriorating," said Quinn of the winger who had been injured in the last five games.

If Haley, 1-0 in 22 games with a 50-minute penalty, went into the injured reserve, it would open up a squad for the blues shirts who had worn the maximum of 23.

Rangers can expect the same kind of neutral zone trap from the kings they saw on Friday from the Sabers. The blueshirts have not proven themselves against more passive and structured teams that don't want to take chances with them.

“We're getting into trouble against teams [that play that way]"Said Quinn." We think we need to put more effort into making more skillful games. It hurts. It hurts really. "

Instead, the Rangers have to get the puck behind the defenders and work on the pre-test and adopt a basic game mentality. It's meat-and-potato hockey without the hiss. It doesn't seem to be taken for granted.

"It's difficult to do the same thing over and over again. It can get a little boring," said Quinn. "We can't be bored well."