“The Snapchat Stalker” (9 horror stories submitted by true scary user) (Vol. 77)


Welcome to another edition of my scary stories podcast. This is episode 77 of our series where we relive and retell your true real-life encounters. So what will we cover? Here is a synopsis of some of the stories featured.

Our first story titled the Snapchat stalker comes to us from a friend named Nicole. She tells us about a time she met an exchange student in her English class. By becoming fast friends who share a common interest in Japanese anime, they soon share their social media. However, things change to be creepy, when Nicole receives a friend request on her snapchat from someone she doesn’t know. Thinking that it could have been her new friend Rin adding her, she accepts it. However, when the person is revealed to be someone with a mask and a hoodie, Nicole begins to wonder if Rin was playing some kind of prank. What the two of them didn’t know was that someone had overheard their conversation and added Nicole as a friend. You’ll soon find out what this stranger does to find her, as well as his chilling plan.

Later we received a story from two brothers who hitchhiked. They stop at a gas station in the middle of British Columbia, Canada, only to find themselves in a pretty scary situation. Little do they know, the service station they were in was about to receive a not so kind visitor. Find out how these two brothers save the day using all things, a frozen chocolate bar and their courage.

Finally we have a story that comes to us from Emily. It’s about the time her neighbor asked her to keep an eye on her apartment. Since they both live in the same two-story apartment complex, there was no problem, even one night. Emily had been working on an art commission when she begins to hear strange noises coming from her upstairs neighbors. When he heads to investigate, he finds the front door wide open. That was followed by sounds coming from the bathroom. Little did she know, she was about to run into a home intruder. Find out who he was and how he managed to get in.

So that’s just a little bit of what we cover, as always, I invite you to listen to the rest of today’s video, to see if your story did it.

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If this is your first time watching one of my videos or you are confused about what you are seeing, let me introduce myself. I am the creepy fox, a storyteller who tells stories submitted by friends and fans. With a combination of long hours of voice acting, editing and writing, join us and come for a ride, because together, we collaborate to bring your real spooky experiences to life.