The statistics you need to improve Super Bowl 2020 betting odds

<pre><pre>The statistics you need to improve Super Bowl 2020 betting odds

After two weeks of analysis, it's time to place your last Super Bowl bets. Let's take a final look at the key stats we've used to preview NFL playoff games and big college bowls. VSiN hopes that you have found this information helpful throughout the football season.

Kansas City (-1) vs San Francisco

Chefs: Sixth attack, 17th defense, 15th schedule, plus eight sales margin

49ers: fourth attack, second defense, 17th schedule, plus four sales margin

You will remember that we use the strength of USA Today's Jeff Sagarin schedule rankings. There are 32 teams in the NFL, so both the bosses and the 49ers are average in the league. This is important because it means that we get a clean reading.

Both crimes are elite. Kansas City would be even higher if Patrick Mahomes didn't miss an injury. The chiefs are more about speed, the 49ers about power. But they both know how to move the ball. Both finished well in the playoffs. Kansas City scored 9 out of 11 touchdowns on red zone occasions. San Francisco was 5 out of 8.

Kansas City's defense played better than placing on the track. This is a major reason why the Chiefs have scored 7-0-1 ATS in their last eight games – an imitation of the LSU bookmaking championship in college football. But you would still have to put San Francisco on the defensive. More physically, better able to enforce his will. (If you're an old school analyst who believes "Defense wins championships", the 49ers are your game.)

The K.C. compared to the regular season disappears when you count the playoffs. The chiefs were even dead against the Texans and Titans (1-1), while the 49ers were against the Vikings and Packers plus three (5-2). Probably a wash, though the 49ers could be much more prone to sales if quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo has to throw deep from behind while playing.

With split bets, the point is likely to remain within the Kansas City range of -1 or -1¹ / ₂ until kickoff. Passionate cases for each side can be easily made depending on which individual bettors set priorities.

  • The chiefs have the most dynamic playmaker on the field in Mahomes and have been undervalued by the market for two months.
  • The 49ers have the superior defense and possibly the better "big game" chess player as head coach.

Sharps has already found razor-thin percentages to prefer Kansas City at pick & # 39; em, but San Francisco at + 1¹ / ₂ or higher. (Some Sharps that use mathematical models still like the chiefs with -1). Informed over / under money was over 54 with an over, but was well received in every under 55 test.

In the case of unilateral public action on the match day, line movements from the zones already defined are hidden.

Good luck with your Super Bowl bets. Remember to use VSiN's live coverage on SiriusXM 204 or our subscription livestream on all day from a market perspective.