The Super Bowl 2020 was Patrick Mahomes' greatest magic trick


MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. – Andy Reid deserved this moment, deserved this elusive Super Bowl championship, deserved this Gatorade bath, deserved the chants "Andy, Andy, Andy" and most of all he deserved marriage to this young quarterback of the generation Go Together along to the Lombardi Trophy. Last but not least.

All of Kansas City prayed for an end to its 50-year drought, praying that Patrick Mahomes could bring it to Mahome.

And all her wondrous young savior did was make Super Bowl 2020 everyone's St. Patrick's Day.

Magic Mahomes, the Super Bowl MVP, the winner of Comebacks 31-20, hit a 50-year-old wall of oppressive history with indefatigable will and frenzied competitive spirit and clutch gene with every last move, every escape from the danger, every ounce of boast and self-confidence in the greatest moments of the greatest game of his life, like a young Joe Montana in the Super Bowl, a young Eli Manning.

Mahomes Sweet Mahomes, the young lion, the 24-year-old killer with the baby face, the king of his sport, who was born for this stage and this glory.

Mahomes wanted this for Dear Old Andy. They all did, but Mahomes was the only one who could make sure that dear old Andy wasn't the most profitable coach who didn't win a Super Bowl anymore.

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Patrick MahomesAnthony J. Causi

Once again we have learned that with this quarterback, this fearless battlefield commander, no lead is ever safe.

For much of the night, it hadn't been one of those occasions when we watched Mahomes make the impossible possible with his pre-mature genius.

"I've tried to force some things," said Mahomes.

Until dear old Andy and all of Kansas City needed him to make it happen.

And they needed it at a time when it was 49:20, Chiefs 10 in the fourth quarter.

Mahomes, from the age of 17 at 8:53, had it exactly where he wanted it – of course he did.

They needed him when he faced a third-and-15 after being shaken by Nick Bosa and DeForest Buckner and the rest of the angry 49ers defense. After the Defense Wins Championships, the audience flexed their muscles after being intercepted twice in the second half and ending a series of 164 passes without one.

Mahomes reached the sky here, close enough to the place where the late Lamar Hunt must have been sitting, and she fell into the arms of Tyreek Hill 44 meters later.

"I just got it out and Tyreek did a great job," said Mahomes.

Bring It Mahome Time.

"He encouraged us and told us to believe," said Hill. "He saw it in the eyes of some guys, they went under, including me. I said," Man, how do we do it? "And he said," 10, you have to believe, brother. It will happen, man. I can feel it. & # 39; "

He went deep for Travis Kelce and got a meddling in Tarvarius Moore and a first-and-goal on 1. Then he hit Kelce with the 1-yard TD and it was 49ers 20, Chiefs 17.

In a special way, Mahomes Kobe Bryant paid the ultimate tribute: he played with the Mamba mentality and the game on the line.

"I was trying to find a way to win," said Mahomes. "You have to keep everything in line when you are in the Super Bowl and I tried to do that."

When he got the ball back, it was 49ers 20, Chiefs 17.

If he had stopped in the crowd to look at the stands and ask, "Isn't that J-Lo up there?" Nobody should have been surprised.

And when he got the ball back, Mahomes Sammy Watkins ran past Richard Sherman 5: 10 minutes behind and led him perfectly for a 38 meter lead to San Francisco 10.

"I think we'll go down there and find a way to score," said Mahomes.

Three games later he met Damien Williams, who extended the ball with his right foot beyond the goal line for the 5-yard TD, who won it with 2:44 left. He was driving 5-5 for 60 meters.

Mahomes was the youngest quarterback to win the NFL MVP and Super Bowl.

"I had two goals," said Mahomes. "My first goal was to win the Lamar Hunt Trophy, and the second most important thing was to give Trainer Reid a Super Bowl trophy." And a deserved place in Canton. "It puts all doubts aside," said Mahomes.

He was the one who left all doubts aside when it came to victory.

"It's Magic Mahomes, it's Showtime Mahomes," said Kelce. "I love him. He brought this team back into the game."

Defense wins championships.

But elite quarterbacks too.