The upcoming arrival of the Galaxy S20 does not mean that you should give up the Galaxy S10 – CNET

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The poor Galaxy S10 always suffered from the middle child syndrome. Pinched between the larger, more complex Galaxy S10 Plus and the smaller, bolder, much cheaper Galaxy S10E was never easy. In fact, I've asked myself why it even exists more than once, apart from the fact that I suddenly looked like a business when I was advertising.

The reason for the Galaxy S10 will soon be even more precarious. Samsung is preparing to launch its next trio of Galaxy flagships called the Galaxy S20, S20 Pro (or Plus) and S20 Ultra. The name change is significant and could mean a significant change in the meaning of a premium Galaxy phone: 5G, real camera improvements and more megapixels, a huge battery, a refresh rate of 120 Hz.

The Galaxy S10 cannot keep up with these specifications, especially when it comes to the future security of the phone in the age of rapid 5G data rates. For some people, however, the S10 could opt for a high-end phone at a reasonable price as soon as the costs inevitably drop after the S20 is sold.

Galaxy S10-2

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The Galaxy S10 offers numerous functions, including three reversing cameras and the ability to charge other devices wirelessly.

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But for many 5G phones will not be a viable option for a few years, The networks are still rolling out slowly, starting with urban centers. 5G networks exist only in a few places worldwide and then only at intersections or in smaller districts. 5G phones are on the plan, but more of them will come out in 2020. The chips are also still developing and are expected to become more efficient in the next one or two generations.

Buying a 4G phone this year and sticking to it for two or three years is not a terrible idea for many, especially if 5G is still years away from where you live. As for technical specs, the Galaxy S10 will support you in another cycle of phone ownership – only as long as it's a price you're willing to pay.

The Galaxy S10 originally started at $ 900 (£ 799 and AU $ 1,349), only $ 100 cheaper than the plus ($ 1,000, £ 899, AU $ 1,499) and $ 150 more than the S10E ($ 750, £ 669, 1,199) AU $). Expect the price cuts to be settled after the Galaxy S20 starts selling. Further seasonal discounts depending on the store and provider, e.g.