The winners of the Karnataka State Film Awards share what it means to receive the award

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The Karnataka State Film Awards have been announced. No wonder that the name of director P Shehsadri is back on the winner list. He won the Puttanna Kanagal Award for his life's work as a director.

Sheshadri completed a postgraduate course in Kannada literature and worked as a journalist for a short time before venturing into the cinema.

The winners of the Karnataka State Film Awards share what it means to receive the award

Sheshadri makes films on current topics and has received national and international recognition for most of his films.

Sheshadri had received the Puttanna Kanagal Award from the Karnataka Film Directors & # 39; Association back in 1993 when he worked as an associate director for TS Nagabharana Chinnari Mutta,

Sheshadri followed in Kanagal's footsteps – his films were largely based on literary works. Five of Sheshadri's films, including Munnudi, Bettada Jeeva, Mohanadasa Bheti, are also based on literary works.

An enthusiastic Sheshadri said of winning the award: “It is a moment of mixed feelings. I am both happy and somewhat embarrassed and humbly accept the honor that has been given to me. I dedicate this award to all artists and technicians who have worked with me and have helped me grow as a filmmaker. "

He has a different reason to celebrate his latest film, Mookajjiya Kanasugalu not only spent 50 days in the cinemas, but also won the Best Screenplay Award.

After 45 years in the Kannada film industry as an actor, the director of the television series, the producer J Krishnappa Srinivasa Murthy, won the renowned Dr. Rajkumar Award. He has developed a niche in the Kannada cinema by examining historical and emotional characters and is one of the most sought after artists in the industry.

Who can forget his debut in Hemavathi, directed by the legendary Siddalingaiah in 1977? The film was a love story between the castes. The actor has received laurels in the past for his acting skills Kavirathna Kalidasa and Hosa Belaku, both with Rajkumar,

Rajkumar and Sreenivasa Murthy not only shared the screen, but also a close friendship.

Srinivasa Murthy also made films with his friend Jai Jagadish and has produced series on the life of the poets and saints of Karnataka.

Regarding the award, he said: “I should have had this award a long time ago. I'm glad I did it after 43 years. It's a big moment for me. "

The winners of the Karnataka State Film Awards share what it means to receive the award

Raghavendra Rajkumar smiles after winning the best actor award for his role in Ammana Mane, directed by Nikhil Manjoo. The film was the first after a 15-year hiatus in the industry.

To Pakkadamane Hudugi, Under the direction of MS Rajashekar in 2004, he did not act for health reasons. You could say that Ammana Mane gave the actor a new life in films.

Raaganna, as it is popularly known, dedicated this award to Nikhil. “Winning a prize is different. I was worried about making films again because of health problems. Returning to the screen is like a player playing his second inning. This award increases my responsibility as an actor, ”says Raaganna, who also wanted his parents to be there to share his joy. Raganna will next be seen with Dhruva Sarja in Pogaru.

The cameraman BS Basavaraj is the winner of the Dr. Vishnuvardhan Award.

The winners of the Karnataka State Film Awards share what it means to receive the award

Basavaraj is a product of Karnataka's first film institute in the 1960s, the Sri Jayachamarajendra Polytechnic. He has worked with filmmakers such as VK Murthy, Rajendra Malone and DV Rajaram. He has also worked as a DOP with Puttanna Kanagal, Siddalingiah, TS Nagabharana, V Somashekar and Phani Ramachandra.

Basavaraj was not limited to Kannada films, but worked in films in other languages.

He is known for his picturesque pictures in Kanagals Manasa Sarovara, and for capturing the essence of Malnad in Amrutha Ghalige.

He has supported his teacher mentor, DV Rajaram Bhootayyana Maga Ayyu.

Basavaraj is also a documentary filmmaker and has made documentaries about filmmakers such as RNK Prasad, DV Rajaram and filmmaker N Lakshminarayan. Now he's planning a documentary about Govind Nihalani.

A look at the list of Karnataka State Film Awards shows a dominance of unusual films. Sarkari Hiriya Prathamika Shale Kasargod. Koduge Ramanna Rai, Ondalla Eradalla, Ammachiyemba Nenapu and Aa Karala Rathri. Santa Kavi Kanakadasara Ramadhanya. Ondalla Eradalla, Bayalatada Bheemanna, Choorikatte are among the films that have received awards in various areas.

On the other hand Nathicharami Director Manjunatha Somakeshava Reddy (Mansore), who received five national awards, was not represented in any category of state awards. This has raised eyebrows in the Kannada film industry.