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Charmins bear-faced toilet paper robot.

Katie Collins / CNET

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Whether you call it the Magic Palace, the loo, or the throne room, it's a simple fact that people have to spend time visiting the toilet every day of our lives. All the time spent on the pot adds up over the years and to make life a little more comfortable, the toilet paper manufacturer Charmin has developed a number of bathroom solutions on a tech basis.

At the CES in Las Vegas On Sunday, the company launched the Rollbot, a self-balancing robot that connects to your phone and delivers a fresh toilet roll straight to your seat when you're on the pan and trapped.

It's not clear how the bear-faced robot with no arms, hands, or thumbs can push a fresh roll out of the closet under the stairs and open the locked toilet door to bring the roll straight to you, but she & # 39; These are likely problems for CES 2021 and beyond.

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The AR V.I.Pee – we like mood lighting.


The rollbot is one of the niches We'll probably see robots at CES this year in our search for the latest and greatest products, but it plays a role in one of the major trends at the fair for 2020 – the increased focus on how technology can promote our health and well-being.

The rollbot was accompanied on the stage by SmellSense, a sensor that informs you before entering a bathroom whether you are likely to choke or tip over due to the activities of the previous occupant. SmellSense gives you a "no" or "good to go" based on how much carbon dioxide or hydrogen sulfide it detects in the air.

The two devices will be added as part of Charmins GoLab vision for the future of AR V.I.Pee's bathroom visits. This superior port-a-potty comes with one Oculus Rift S VR headset to show you what's going on at the event you may be attending while in the bathroom. It is designed so that you get a front row seat for a concert during your pee break so you don't get FOMO. If it is better than your actual seat, you may find it difficult to leave the concert.

GoLab is not scheduled for sale this coming year. Instead, these concept products demonstrate how toilet use could be disrupted in the future – and we mean it purely technically, because it is no fun for anyone to be interrupted on the can.

Originally published January 5.