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Kangaroo home security starter kit

Kangaroo home security starter kit

This $ 99 kit (currently available at a 50 percent discount!) Includes a siren, keyboard, set of sensors, and one-year home surveillance.


What price for home security? This is not a rhetorical question. I ask you, what can you pay for a home security system with professional monitoring – and that may reduce the cost of homeowner's insurance? Nowadays, this price is only $ 49.50, which not only brings you a significant amount of sensor and alarm hardware, but also your first year of monitoring. (After that year, rates go up, right? No: it's only $ 99 a year or $ 9 a month.) Okay, Kangaroo, I'm listening.

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For a limited time that The Kangaroo Home Security Starter Kit is available for $ 49.50 with coupon code bestdeal, Shipping costs around $ 11. That's 50% less than the regular price, which was already a bargain (and the price when I last wrote about it).

This expandable solution offers a surprisingly large amount of hardware, starting with an electronic keyboard that also acts as a siren and smoke / CO detector, uh, detector. That is, if it hears, for example, that a smoke alarm is triggered, it is activated with alarms and the like. It also includes a pair of keychain-friendly "Roo" tags – small RFID tags that activate or deactivate the system when the keyboard is touched.

Next you get three motion and entry sensors designed for doors and windows. Finally, there is a water and climate sensor that you can put in a basement or under a sink – wherever you want to immediately detect leaking water. This module can also notify you of changes in temperature and humidity to better protect you from freezing pipes and mold.

Like every good security kit, this window sticker and garden sign also comes with it, because deterrence is half the battle.

All of this is about the Kangaroo Complete Plan, which, believe it or not, is optional. There is also a completely free option. However, Complete includes not only the app-based notifications and unlimited invitations from users (family, neighbors, etc.) that the free plan offers, but also text and voice notifications, and the integration of Alexa and Google Home could, according to Kangaroo, take up to 20 % and are monitored by experts around the clock.

As you may have noticed, a key element is missing here: a camera. Although "premium camera features" is mentioned on the price page as part of the overall plan, there are still no signs of buying a camera and no mention of support for third-party cameras. I assume that one or the other will happen at some point.

In the meantime, you can easily deploy one or more servers Wyze Camsthat start at just $ 20. That could of course lead you to the $ 20 Wyze Sense kit, which includes a motion sensor and a pair of sensors for doors and windows. Wyze has no keyboard and alarm, no water sensor, and no professional monitoring. However, the cameras are probably an excellent addition to the Kangaroo kit.

Speaking of which, I'm still impressed with the Kangaroo equipment (including the quality of the packaging and the very clear instructions) and the total value of this bundle. Even if you miss the sale, $ 99 is a killer price for all of this.

Her thoughts?

Note: Originally released last year. Updated to reflect new sales prices or availability. Expired bonus offer removed.

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