This science-backed portable device will help you become more focused

<pre><pre>This science-backed portable device will help you become more focused

Cognitive biometrics can help you understand your mind and improve your focus.

5, 2020

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There are countless distractions during your working day, from people walking by the window to the fidgety spinner you want, never to put on your desk. Focusing all day is a real challenge, especially when the deadline is tight. That is why the FOCA was founded.

This focus-enhancing wearable is designed to help you get back on track and stay focused. Attach the FOKI to your waist to keep track of your cognitive state, and use a stream of colored balls to help you better understand your mind and understand your habits. If you lose focus, the color of the ball changes and you can use the FOCI app to check how your cognitive states change throughout the day. You can also prevent distractions by adjusting the bumps to shorten the distractions. With the innovative meditative biofeedback technology, you can optimize your attention and accelerate your breath to maintain longer periods of time with deeper focus. FOCI gives you the tools to keep your focus and develop better habits for the future.

It is the scientific solution for your wandering focus. Typically $ 119, you save 42 percent on FOCI today if you get it for only $ 69.