This wedding proposal left Anand Mahindra a & # 039; Inferiority complex & # 039;

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The chairman of the Mahindra Group liked the thoughtful wedding proposal so much that he says that it gave him an inferiority complex.


updated:January 19, 2020, 10:51 am

This marriage proposal left Anand Mahindra an inferiority complex
Imagecredit: Twitter

A video of a Disney-themed proposal is making the rounds in the Internet, in which a Hollywood filmmaker re-animates his girlfriend's favorite film in order to make her a proposal.

When the video went viral, it appears that the proposal found a new fan in Anand Mahindra.

The Chairman of the Mahindra Group liked the thoughtful wedding proposal so much that he said he had received an inferiority complex as a result.

He shared the video on Twitter and wrote: "This clip has gone viral worldwide. This gent apparently hacked a Disney movie to suggest his childhood treasure … And I thought I had a good job 40 years ago made my suggestion now I have an inferiority complex! "

His tweet went viral and led to some funny jokes, memes and really good sarcasm on Twitter.

A user on Twitter who created microblogs said: "The love story of 40 years ago! Twitter friends will read your love story. We had enough time to post your love story. Conditions apply: Day to your wife …. "

"Could you tweet your suggestion (I'm sure the video won't be available then) that could serve as the second best option for millennials at least since hacking movies wouldn't be for everyone?" Asked a user.

"It only gave me an inferiority complex for life …" wrote another.

One post said: "Sir … We may not have made such a sophisticated proposal to our spouses … but our marriages are FIXED … lasted 40 years in your case … and 35 in my case."

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