This week, a new technology will be presented at the CES in Las Vegas

<pre><pre>This week, a new technology will be presented at the CES in Las Vegas

This week in Las Vegas, a new technology will be presented at the big fair, which should make life easier CES, More than 4,500 companies, including startups and industrial companies, will present their new products.

Here are some of the featured products:


The Ambassador is a "smart wearable" from Waverly Labs that translates languages ​​between two people, CNET editor Brian Cooley said on Tuesday "CBS This Morning".

The wearables that are connected to an app are delivered in pairs, so that everyone wears one over the ear.

"While you're both wearing it, you just have to click on it," he said. "It automatically translates into two languages."

The rate is $ 180, Cooley said.

Air Pix

AirSelfie's Air Pix is ​​a standalone aerial camera.

"You just say, get a picture of me." It starts, "said Cooley. "It frames me with a facial recognition camera and once it has framed me, it takes the picture, sends it to my phone and it comes back and lands automatically."

The Air Pix costs $ 100.


The Tombot is a $ 400 robotic dog that can be used for therapy. "It's not supposed to be a cute little pet. It's so and amazingly lifelike, but it's meant for animal-assisted therapy for people with dementia," said Cooley. "Real dogs are sentient beings, require a lot of training. This can be scaled very quickly."

The robot is "also great for working with prisoners who need to have a sense of relationship and responsibility with a living being," he added.

Charmin RollBot

The RollBot was developed to bring people a new roll of toilet paper in the bathroom.

"It uses your phone as a beacon," said Cooley. "You call it up, it brings you toilet paper. It assumes very precisely that we are always on the tin with our cell phones."

L & # 39; Oreal Perso

The Perso is "a small tower" in which you insert different lipstick cartridges.

"It creates lipstick colors with an app that gives you the perfect shade," said Cooley. "They can also be used for individual skin care."

Other products that are presented include:

Samsung Sero TV: A television that can switch between horizontal and vertical orientation

Heatbox: a self-heating lunchbox that uses steam innovation and intelligent technology

wayzn: a device that can open doors for dogs when the owners are not at home

Apollo bracelet: A bracelet that helps your body deal with stress by promoting focus, sleep, energy and more

The prototype of the future Toyota City: a prototype of a fully networked ecosystem that runs on hydrogen fuel cells and is known as a woven city