Thunder heads the NBA's biggest betting surprises

<pre><pre>Thunder heads the NBA's biggest betting surprises

The NBA season has been buzzing for almost four months, despite being overshadowed by the giant of the NFL. But now all eyes will be on the club as it enters the second half of the season.

Understandably, many weather will watch some teams for the first time this season. So is there a better way to get reporting into the All Star break than to start with some of the biggest betting surprises and disappointments of the NBA season?

Pleasant surprises

Oklahoma City Thunder

There is absolutely no argument here. Oklahoma City was the most pleasant surprise of the season for the weather. Where do you start With the victory over Detroit last Friday, the Thunder surpassed their overall victory of 31¹ / ₂. They are by far the best ATS team in the league and cover the spread with a whopping 64.8 percent. They have an astonishing 21-8 ATS record (72.4 percent) as an outsider starting in New Orleans on Thursday. Billy Donovan finally has a team to train and he shows how good he can be.

Oklahoma City has terrorized opposing teams with its three-man lineup of Chris Paul, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and Dennis Schroder. According to Cleaning The Glass, the Thunder outperform the opposition by 33.3 points per 100 possessions when this trio lies together on the floor. This is absolutely crazy! Overall, Oklahoma City doesn't move the needle. It's 200/1 to win the NBA title and 100/1 to win the West at William Hill. But every day this is a team worth supporting and in a first round playoff series against Utah or Houston the Thunder would be very live to win.

Memphis grizzlies

Right behind the thunder are the young, talented and very fast grizzlies. It starts and ends with Ja Morant, the favorite to win the Rookie of the Year. Morant went 4/1 a year to win the award, just behind Zion Williamson from New Orleans. Williamson's injury and Morant's dominant game have made Morant the 1/7 favorite at William Hill.

As a team, Memphis covers the spreads at 56.6 percent, but the team has really picked up speed in the past month and a half. A big part of what the grizzlies do is the pace. In these 20 games, they have the third fastest pace in the NBA, just behind Milwaukee and New Orleans. Her defense improvement was equally impressive. In the first 33 games, Memphis allowed 112.3 points per 100 possessions. But through these 20 games, his defensive rating improved to 107.4, the fourth best in the league over this distance. Oh, and the grizzlies have already exceeded their overall victory of 27¹ / ₂.

Award: Dallas Mavericks, Miami Heat, Toronto Raptors.


Golden State Warriors

At the start of the season, Golden State was considered a marginal playoff contender since Steph Curry and Draymond Green were still available and D & # 39; Angelo Russell came from Brooklyn. Then Curry broke his hand in the fourth game of the season and everything changed.

The Warriors were the first team to make a decision about their overall win this season. They sealed the Under with 48¹ / ₂ wins when they lost to Denver on January 16, a fantastic job that keeps his team competitive night after night. The Warriors ranked 29th in the net (-8.6), but since December 20, they have had an ATS record of 15 to 11, showing the struggle Kerr fought in a lost season. The future is not so bleak. Curry will be back in full strength next season. Klay Thompson too. And they are currently one of three teams with a 14 percent chance of winning the best overall design selection.

Philadelphia 76ers

Yes, Philadelphia is currently a playoff team and will remain so unless the unthinkable happens. But this franchise is expected to be much higher overall. The 76s hold fifth seed in the Eastern Conference, largely due to Indiana’s current loss in six games. Philadelphia are only seven defeats after winning the Under in their 54¹ / ₂ win of the season, and their road record is identical to that of the Knicks and Hornets. All of this has been reflected in the futures odds. The 76s started the season with 12/1 to win the NBA title and 2/1 in William Hill to win the Eastern Conference. They are currently 22/1 to win the championship and 7/1 to win the East.

This is the ultimate buy low spot for futures odds on Philadelphia. The 76s have reason to be optimistic. The acquisitions of Alec Burks and Glenn Robinson give them two much needed shooters, and Joel Embiid and Josh Richardson missed the time due to injury. A run to the Eastern Conference finals is still at stake for Brett Brown's team, and wouldn't any bettor like a 7/1 ticket to hedge if it did?

Award: Atlanta Hawks, Chicago Bulls, Houston Rockets.