Tips to Maintain Your Expensive Kitchen Appliances

kitchen appliances

Kitchen appliances, without a doubt, are the most used items in every household. Somehow, it remains in use throughout the day.

Moreover, it directly correlates to our hygiene and health. Poorly maintained kitchen appliances directly affect and harm our health—besides, irregular cleaning of the kitchen appliances often reduces the performance and the lifespan.

For all these reasons, like Health, Hygiene, and Lifetime, proper kitchen appliances’ maintenance becomes much necessary. We suggest you check out the Pedini Miami website to buy stylish and sleek kitchen appliances in Miami.

However, you need to employ some techniques and tricks while cleaning kitchen appliances to wash them properly without damaging their body or parts.

After consultation with renowned experts in the kitchen industry, we have come with some proven tips to clean kitchen appliances like fridge, microwave, chimney, and dishwasher. Take a look.

  1. The Fridge

No kitchen design is complete without a fridge. The fridge is the biggest food hoarder in the house, which stores all kinds of food for 24*7. Be it cold drinks, yogurts, vegetables, fruits, eggs, butter, jam, coffee, ketchup, mayonnaise, sauces, mustards, pickles, and whatnot. The list is endless.

The list itself explains why it is important to clean the fridge regularly. For god sakes, if any of the food items get spoiled, it will definitely affect other food items as well and which ultimately harm our health.

Here are the few tips to keep the fridge clean:

  1. Clean the fridge shelves and drawers by taking them out and cleaned with a sponge soaked in baking soda and water.
  2. Clean the fridge in and out every time you go for grocery shopping. In other words, you must clean the refrigerator once a week.
  3. If your fridge has an ice maker, make sure you clean it at least once a month to avoid ice cubes scented with refrigerator smell.

You should also clean the space below and behind your refrigerator. This area is unarguably one of the dirtiest parts of the kitchen. You should care about its accessibility while choosing the luxury kitchen design.

The next on our list is the microwave.

  1. The Microwave

It only takes one slice of overburnt pizza or a cupcake to turn a shimmering clean microwave into a dirty, stinking mess. The regular cleaning of the microwave is necessary for its maintenance. You should clean it after every usage or at least once a week.

Besides, you can clean the microwave with the regular cleaning supplies present in your house; you don’t need to buy any extra or special types of stuff.

Cleaning agents like baking soda, dish soap, and vinegar is sufficient to accomplish the task. However, you should not use the bleach, as it damages the plastic interior and harms the microwave in the long-run.

How to Clean The Microwave From The Inside?

  1. Add the 2-3 spoon of white or apple cider vinegar into 1 cup water. Place the microwave-safe bowl inside the microwave.
  2. Turn on the microwave for several minutes until the water boils. 
  3. Switch off the microwave once the window steams up. Open the door after 5 minutes after it cools down. Remove the bowl and clean the area with a sponge or cloth piece.

How to Clean a Microwave Door?

  1. Add a spoonful of baking soda into water. Clean the door with a sponge or damp cloth soaked with the mixture.
  2. For the greasy part, wipe your microwave door with a mix of dish soap and water. Apply the cleaner with a cloth or sponge to prevent the cleaner from getting into the vent holes.

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  1. The Chimney

The kitchen chimney often has the most stubborn and sticky oil stains. The oil stains often get stucked deep inside the chimney filters, which makes it challenging to clean.

But there are specific ways you can exercise to clean the kitchen chimney thoroughly to get rid of those stubborn grease stains. Take a look.

  1. By Using Kitchen Dishwasher

The kitchen dishwasher is an excellent cleaning agent. Remove filters from the chimney hood and submerged them into boiling water. Add an appropriate amount of kitchen dishwasher into the bucket and let them soak it for 3-4 hours.

Take out the filters after 3-4 hours and clean them with non-abrasive scrub. Dry them in sunlight for a few hours to get rid of remaining oil stains.

  1. By Using Paint Thinner

Another effective option to get rid of oil stains from the chimney is Paint thinner. Paint thinner is a good option to remove all greasy and sticky things from kitchen appliances like kitchen chimney.

Soak the thinner on a sponge or piece of cloth and rub it on the chimney. It will easily crack up the stains and give you a sparkling chimney back.

  1. The Dishwasher

From a luxury kitchen design to simple kitchen design, there is always a place for a dishwasher. 

The dishwasher is a remarkable machine that cleans the dishes, but sometimes also needs to clean itself.

Over time oil, soap scum, and food trash build-up in dishwashers. This does not only offer a breeding ground for germs & bacteria, but it also reduces the efficiency of the kitchen appliance. For these reasons, it is necessary to clean the dishwasher often- at least once a month.

Here, we are sharing a 3-steps easy process to clean a dishwasher. Have a look.

  1. Clean The Drain

Remove the bottom dish rack. If the filter isn’t clean, nothing else will be. With a soft toothbrush, scrub the mesh screen and plastic frame to remove any oil or particles stuck in the cracks.

This exercise will improve drainage and increase cleaning efficiency.

  1. Clean The Door Dirt

With a soaked sponge or cloth, remove any residue and stains that may have splashed onto the interior surface of the door, door edges, door handle, or dishwasher control panel. 

  1. Vinegar Wash

Place a cup of white vinegar on the top rack of the dishwasher and run a normal cycle without any detergent or dishes. This will wash away grease and grime and remove musty odors, too.

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Conclusion:  A proper maintenance of your precious and essential kitchen appliances is very essential. Cleaning of kitchen appliances does not only benefit our health, but it also extends the life span and performance of the Kitchen Appliances.