Titans Logan Ryan on the game for Joe Judge, free agency, Tyreek Hill rebuttal


Logan Ryan, a Voorhees, N.J., native and former Rutgers star, faces Steve Serby ahead of Sunday's AFC championship game against the Chiefs.

Q: You had a career year. What do you think about your upcoming free agency?

A: Excited. I am part of a player representative here and the players have been fighting for a free hand and it is a strength that a player could use. Who doesn't want to go back to their job and ask for more money when they earn it? Not enough players have a chance to get through it and I consider it an exciting and not a stressful time.

Q: The Giants may be looking for a slot corner. What do you think about the Giants?

A: I mean, I obviously know New Jersey well. I have lived there before and I love the great state of New Jersey, so there is a lot of good food there.

Q: So would the giants address you as a possible target?

A: I mean, I'm trying to focus on the Kansas City Chiefs here, but I've lived in New Jersey before, and as I said, there is great food like Nashville. I will be close to my mother and father, but right now I am a Tennessee Titan and I look forward to being one.

Q: You played for the Patriots in 2013-16 when Joe Judge was an assistant coach. What can you tell me about him

A: I love special team coaches as head coaches because they know their list well. You coach every single player. I'm looking forward to Joe Judge. I look forward to his opportunity. I would say he is a player coach, he knows his players well and he will be very demanding. He was my assistant coach for special teams when I came in. He trained me as an assistant coach and worked his way up.

Logan Ryan
Lamar Jackson is tackled by Logan Ryan.Getty Images

Q: What is your gut feeling about what Tom Brady will do?

A: I think he'll keep playing and … I don't think it's with the patriots. This is my belly.

Question: Do you think the patriot dynasty is over?

A: I have to see who will be there next year. However, I would never use my money against Bill Belichick.

Question: "What do you think of Greg Schiano joining Rutgers again?"

A: A strong leader. Think he's the right man for the job. I think he will take Rutgers back to where they need to be.

Q: What makes him the right man for the job?

A: He's the toughest worker in New Jersey (laughs). He'll stay up all night, recruit any child, and train him as hard as possible. Schiano will put a stamp on him and it should be the way he wants it. Most of the time, it's the right way to do things.

Q: What is scary about Patrick Mahomes?

A: It is round. I think he's a full quarterback who's cerebral, he's smart and he obviously can do all the throws. I just think his lack of weakness is his strength.

Q: Tyreek Hill said, "No one in the NFL can protect one of us." What do you think

A: The last time it was our turn we won, so we'll see. I think the last time they were face down and not this time so we're going to put it up and I think it's going to be a good matchup to tune in to.

Q: What makes Travis Kelce so hard?

A: He is smart, savvy and unorthodox. And he's one of the best distance runners in the NFL.

Q: Favorite Single Super Bowl store?

A: Oh man … this must be a 28-3 comeback [against the Falcons],

Question: "What about Malcolm Butler's shot on goal to defeat the Patriots' Super Bowl XLIX against the Seahawks?"

A: (laughs) I mean it's tight! I was on the sidelines in this case and the butler interception was great, but with the 28-3 comeback, I was more on the field, so personal, but I mean the butler interception, that's just under a second.

Q: Describe Mike Vrabel for me and how he resembles or differs from Bill Belichick.

A: He is more sarcastic. They are both sarcastic. He puts on the blocks and goes out and shows the representative. He takes over the representation. He will refer to his career if Belichick didn't have an NFL career.

Q: Derrick Henry?

A: Beast … not vulnerable – is that a word?

Q: What makes it unassailable?

A: (laughs) His size, speed and mentality. His mentality is that he won't be tackled, and I think his mentality is taking hold.

Q: What impressed you most about Ryan Tannehill?

A: His leadership and composure, and I think he did a good job of demanding to take control and become owner, I would say.

Q: Defensive Coordinator Dean Pees?

A: He understands his staff. He knows his players well and builds game plans and defenses based on his players' strengths, not their weaknesses.

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Q: What do you like best about your team and why does it believe?

A: You know it wasn't easy for us? I don't think we were favored in a game this year and we didn't have a storybook season that went perfectly. A story is completely rewritten and a few chapters end unexpectedly. I just think that this team had to fight and scratch and scratch for every ounce of respect.

Q: Describe your mentality in the field.

A: Relentlessly. Just play as hard as I can. I played a lot of different roles and asked to do a lot of different things – leading the defense and being versatile and really not playing perfectly, but playing hard.

Q: What drives you?

A: My family drives me to take care of my children and my wife and be a great role model and to make everyone who brought me up and helped me come here to make them proud.

Q: A broadband receiver in NFL history to cover?

A: Jerry Rice just because he's the GOAT.

Q: Can you pick the brain of a cornerback in NFL history?

A: Asante Samuel. If you are a guy who gets 10 eavesdropping, come back and get 10 eavesdropping the next year. That is not easy. … I played with (Darrelle) Revis and (Aqib) Talib, so …

Q: Athletes in other sports that you admire?

A: Allen Iverson, Ken Griffey Jr.

Q: Boyhood Idol?

A: My father.

Q: why?

A: He was always there to catch me. He was always there from the start. He's just a great time model and took me and my brother to college. He did everything I want as a father.

Q: Three dinner guests?

A: Bruce Lee, Jimi Hendrix, Obama. I met him once in the White House, I shook his hand and he seemed like a great person, a great guy I would like to talk to more about.

Q: Favorite movie?

A: "The dark knight."

Q: Favorite actor?

A: Michael B. Jordan.

Q: Favorite actress?

A: Meryl Streep.

Q: Favorite singer / entertainer?

A: Jamie Foxx.

Q: Favorite food?

A: Chicken cheesesteak.

Q: How did fatherhood change you?

A: I am no longer the first, man. I have to do it for more than just me. It brought me to my place in life knowing that it is much bigger than me now.

Q: What does boxing do for you?

A: I think boxing is more mental than physical. It takes you to a place where you have to suffer a lot of pain and suffering, and the workout is really hard, and you are just out there and have to put in yourself and your will. You learn a lot about yourself if you spend four hours hitting a sack. I just think that's what you want to endure.

Q: Why do dogs mean so much to you?

A: My wife worked in animal rescue. I always grew up with pets and if I had a reason it would be something that is real and legitimate to me and not just something I associate my name with. And I've seen what rescue animals did to my family, really made my family complete, and I just want to give that feeling to other people.

Q: What message would you have for Titan's fans?

A: We are here and deserve to be here and anything everyone is upset about, we are happy that you are on our side and we will keep it going.

Q: How high is the trust?

A: We will go into a hostile environment, we are not afraid and whoever has the most points in the end will win.

Q: Do you feel that the Chiefs are under pressure in this game?

A: People think we shouldn't be here, so there's no pressure on us.