Tom Brady's freelancer should heed his new Super Bowl warning


Tom Brady was named one of the 100 best players in NFL history on Super Bowl Sunday – and it sounds like he's miserable.

In an Instagram story published on Tuesday, Brady asked his followers: "What do you want to know about my training program?"

The text “Back at @ tb12sports” was also shown in the photo to get to work. I won't wear a blazer to the Super Bowl next year. "

Brady refers to the red blazers he and other famous players and coaches wore for the Super Bowl 2020 pre-game show on February 2nd. The bigger message is that he's determined to play for a Super Bowl team next season.

The 42-year-old quarterback is a six-time champion and has played nine Super Bowl games. The Patriots' season ended disappointingly after the Titans put an impressive 20:13 surprise in the AFC wildcard round on January 4. Days later he thanked the New England fans and wrote: "I have to prove more". in an emotional Instagram post.

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.
New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.Getty Images

For the first time in his 20-year career, the beloved Patriots' signal caller enters an insane free agent market on March 18 where he can earn over $ 30 million if he and the team fail to agree on a contract extension can beforehand. Rumors of his next landing site are rampant, and Brady has fueled the flames with cryptic comments and social media posts. Less than a week ago, he posted a threatening black and white photo of him walking into or out of a stadium, which eventually turned into a Hulu commercial.

It was reported on Sunday that the patriots were willing to offer more than $ 30 million a year to lure Brady in, but that might not be enough. Several reports found that "weapons" were more important to him than money alone. The Patriots quarterback was openly frustrated with the inability to commit an offense this season and wants to be on a team that would ultimately lead to success.

"He wants the team to pay for some weapons, and ultimately work with" a talented team that can win now, "said Ian Rapoport of NFL Network on Sunday

The list of potential applicants would be long; Adam Schefter reported on Sunday that the Raiders were "ready to pursue Brady" if he made the choice. The chargers that have moved on from long-time starter Philip Rivers are also expected to pitch. Some have speculated that the privateers are a potential landing site.

Rapoport also mentioned the TB12 training facility (referred to in the Instagram post), which was crucial for Brady's longevity, as a possible factor.

A team that "is ready to incorporate TB12 into their footprint would help," he said.

Brady turns 43 in August before the 2020 season begins.