Tom Thibodeau can taste Knick's job, while Jay Wright hopes he'll hiss


While Villanova coach Jay Wright is still not interested in the Knicks, Tom Thibodeau does a lot according to a confidant.

A new Monday report suggested that the Knicks would have a keen interest in Wright, just like their previous Brain Trust two years ago. However, according to an NCAA source that is close to the situation, the feelings are not mutual.

The Forbes story came just days after another report revealed that Wright's house was up for sale, supposedly to be made smaller.

However, the NCAA source said Wright was not interested in downsizing to New York.

"Jay loves Villanova, Jay loves Villanova," said the NCAA source.

The source stated that Wright did not completely rule out the NBA for the perfect job in the future, but stated that the Knicks franchise was not a paradise under James Dolan.

The incoming President Leon Rose comes from the Villanova region – Cherry Hill, New Jersey – and graduated from the nearby temple. So Rose is terribly familiar with the Big 5 Philly basketball scene.

The much better bet is Thibodeau, who, according to sources, has traveled to various basketball outposts unemployed. According to two sources, Thibodeau currently has no permanent residence as he is waiting for his next job.

When he was not traveling, the unmarried Thibodeau made his home base with his brother in New England.

"He really wants the kink job, he can try it and he can even be at the top," said a confidant of Thibodeau.

The Post reported last week that Thibodeau and Jeff Van Gundy will be on Rose's shortlist.

"He visited teams, but mostly hung out in LA near Doc (Rivers) and Tyronn (Lue)," said the source.

Thibodeau also appeared at Golden State headquarters to give coach Steve Kerr advice on newcomer Andrew Wiggins, who he coached in Minnesota. Thibodeau was River's best defense assistant in Boston. The former Knicks Assistant also has previous relationships with Rose at the Creative Artists Agency.

"Rose has always been known to be much more ethical than most agents. If he can deliver players and have a strong coach, it could work," said Thibodeau's confidante. "It is never safe due to ownership, but Thibs knows that he can work with Rose and that he can involve his people."

Tom Thibodeau
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During the all-star weekend in Chicago, the Chicago Sun-Times made a shining profile of the former Bulls trainer. The article stated in the past 15 NBA seasons whether he was head coach or deputy head coach. The Thibodeau teams achieved a profit of 0.643 percent.

Thibodeau's reputation suffered a blow after he was fired in Minnesota last season for the third year. In the second year he brought the wolves into the playoffs after the Wehbegone franchise had missed the postseason 13 years in a row. Thibodeau reportedly had no connection with the young players, also practiced them and was too loud on the bench.

"For me, it was always about staying true to yourself," Thibodeau told the Chicago tabloid. “If you did research, looked at the numbers, and spoke to the players who played for me, you would find the truth. It's not frustrating because everything is part of it, part of the league. We are all criticized for something. I always felt comfortable with it. "

As for his basketball trips, Thibodeau, still paid by the wolves, told the Chicago newspaper: "Trust me, I leaned back and read a book on a beach where the weather was warm, but I love to exercise . That’s my passion. If you’re not there, you miss the camaraderie and I know for myself that I really miss the completion. I miss that most. "