Tony Romo can see the future. His own is littered with huge paychecks.

<pre><pre>Tony Romo can see the future. His own is littered with huge paychecks.

The investment is worthwhile for every network, but especially for ESPN and Disney, for which such an effort would only be a couch change. ESPN's “Monday Night Football” shows have had problems, at least from an esoteric if not a monetary perspective, since Mike Tirico and Jon Gruden left. The Jason Witten experiment failed badly, and while Booger McFarland is an improvement, the broadcasting team (with Joe Tessitore) has not clicked with viewers.

With NBC's Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth and Fox's Joe Buck and Troy Aikman, it would make sense to sign Romo if ESPN hopes to eventually gain a foothold in the Sunday afternoon market when games at ABC and Romo take on other roles in the cable network. Romo is in the last year of a three-year contract that earns him around $ 4 million annually, and Front Office Sports reports that CBS has the right to comply with ESPN's offer. For comparison, when John Madden was in its prime in the 1990s, it earned $ 8 million a year – about $ 14 million in today's dollars.

There are currently no good options outside of Romo. Peyton Manning declined the option of joining the football broadcast with Fox and ESPN. Could that change if Eli Manning stopped playing in the NFL? New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees, who turns 40 on Wednesday and can act as a free agent in the off-season, has not yet decided whether to return for the 2020 season. at least one non-ESPN network ”to inquire about its availability and interest.

"Drew has not spoken to them or anyone about new opportunities," an unnamed source told ESPN. "Until a decision about the next season is made, he will not talk about new opportunities or consider them."

However, there is a big limitation for Romo. Would he have the same chemistry with someone else that he has with Jim Nantz? Nantz probably doesn't get the honor he deserves for Romo's success, just like Michaels and Buck. In some ways, finding the right person is more difficult than landing on the right former athlete. Would Romo find the same simple relationship with someone else?

He couldn't, although he is undoubtedly a special talent. While Romo was still the Dallas Cowboys' quarterback, Nantz and Michaels had a conversation about which NFL player could be the best analyst. As Nantz told reporters last year, everyone trusted that he had a guy in mind.

Come to find out everyone was thinking of Romo.×0/smart/