Top 15 romantic Bollywood songs you can play at your wedding ceremony


Wedding season has just begun, and so is the race to have unique and conceptualized ceremonies. Be it the Mahendi ceremony, Chuda ceremony, or the Jaimala exchanging, the bride and groom don’t want to miss any chance of making it a memorable one. Marriages are all about love and celebration of the companionship of two different individuals. And marking the moments with romantic Bollywood songs has been a trend these days. If you also wish to make your or any of your loved ones wedding a trending affair, include these top 15 Bollywood numbers in the ceremonies and make the most of it.

Mahendi Ceremony Songs

Mahendi ritual is one of the primary functions of a wedding. 

  1. Mahendi Lagaungi Mai Sajna Ke Naam Ki – An all-time favorite number with superb beats.
  2. Mahendi Hai Rachne Wali – One of the most emotional songs, is sure to bring tears of joy and separation in everyone’s eyes.
  3. Mahendi Ni Mahendi – Again, a peppy number which will surely bring out the hidden dancer in you.
  4. Mahendi Laga Ke Rakhna – If you are going to have a love marriage, this can be the perfect song for you and your partner to perform.

Songs for the Sangeet Ceremony

Sangeet ceremony is generally the last ceremony held before the D-day. 

  1. Bole Chudiyaan Bole Kangana – If you are a fan of Bollywood movies, you cannot give a miss to this number! It is a popular dance number to date and refuses to stop anytime soon. 
  2. Navrai Mahji – A perfect song for the ladies to perform on a sangeet ceremony. It is a very catchy song with superb beats. 
  3. Gal Meethi Meethi Bol – If you plan to have a fun dance number in your sangeet, this can be the perfect one for you. Just imagine you get lots of applause for your fantastic dance.
  4. Tune Mari Entryaan – This can be the perfect song for you and your cousins to perform. The beats are energetic enough to make everyone dance around.

Songs for Stage Ceremony

Jaimala is the first ritual performed before finally tying the knot. 

  1. Din Shagna Da – It is the best romantic Bollywood song ever for the bride’s entry and Jaimala ceremony. 
  2. Taaren Hai Barati – Again, a very subtle and soothing song that will give a chance for all the family members to sink at the moment. Many celebrities love this song.
  3. Dil Diyaan Galla – A very romantic song to make your Jaimala ceremony a memorable moment!
  4. Main Yaha Hoon Yaha Hoon – This song can be a good one for the groom’s entry on the main stage.
  5. Nazm Nazm – Weave some magic at your wedding by playing this song.
  6. Rabtaa – Ditch all the peppy songs and go for this super soothing number
  7. Hawayein – With amazing and meaningful lyrics, this song is perfect for creating the right ambiance for the ceremonies.

Songs have always been an integral part of Indian weddings. If you are having a wedding in the near future, start preparing your playlist of romantic Bollywood songs in advance. A properly planned event is always a success! Good Luck!