Top 5 Challenges Field Service Management Comapnies Face


In this fast-growing business world, every industry face challenges in meeting their set goals and to stand on the expectations of their customers. Field Service Management is one such industry that is facing various challenges to deliver the right services at the right place and time with the right tools. Overcoming these challenges require multiple levels of coordination between the industry’s administration and technicians.

In the age of technological advancement, adopting the right software can help the service management industry to simplify their day-to-day tasks and offer the best field management services to customers.

There are numerous challenges that Field Service Management Companies Face that hampers their productivity to some extent and creates hurdles in achieving their set targets. Here, we are providing a list of the most challenging problems that a service management company may have to face along with the best solutions they can adopt to overcome them:

  • Service Delivery Optimization: Every customer want their product and services to be delivered to them within the committed time, and a company relies on its employees to meet the expectations of the customers. Poor management and in-efficient coordination between the back desk employees and technicians can delay the delivery of services to clients.

This calls for effective optimization of the delivery services. It is one of the most important responsibilities of field service managers to assign tasks to technicians and install systems that will let them know the real-time location, performance, and job hours of the technicians. This will lead to better coordination and improved efficiency.

  • Increasing Operational Costs: Retaining the same operational costs while maintaining a balance between quality of service and the number of employees is a big challenge that the field service management industry is facing. The additional time involved in checking the inventory or increase time in traveling hours can result in the rise in operational costs.

To tackle the rising cost in an effective manner, a field service manager should install mobility in the service scheduling software to meet the requirements of customers under the most affordable cost.

  • Safety and Liability: In the field service management industry, almost every job involve a high degree of risk. In order to provide the best to customers, sometimes technicians have to visit hazardous locations that make their safety another major challenge for the field service management industry.

To ensure the safety of technicians visiting such locations, a field service manager can add a “check-in” feature in the field management tool that will notify their dispatch, and if anything happens, it can quickly be seen where the employee is or where they last worked.

  • Communication with Customers: In the present time, customers are becoming more aware, and they know their exact requirements. Customers require each and every update about the services they are rendering, which many a time becomes difficult for a company to fulfill the same. Providing them with every update about delay, cancellation, or rescheduling of services to customers helps a business to retain the clients in the long run. Therefore, it is very necessary for organizations to adopt customer relationship management practices that will have a positive impact on the growth and success of their business.
  • Manual Reporting: Setting up of KPIs is an important aspect of measuring the performance of the employees. A field management company will require accurate and clear data for comparing the performance of their technicians against the set goals. But manual reporting of data creates a problem in a precise analysis of performance as well as increase the chances of errors.

The field service management companies can use field service apps with dashboards and reporting modules to efficiently monitor the performance of the technicians at customer’s sites to ensure that everything is going as per the plan that will further aid in achieving organizational goals.

The field service organizations can attain success in the market by adopting the changes that are coming into the related sector. Be it about technology, human assistance, or advancement, the business that welcomes the change is the one who wins. Therefore, overcoming the problems listed above will help the field service management companies to grow better, seek more opportunities, and attain success in the present as well as future endeavors.