Touchable Samsung Galaxy Fold: How Samsung & lsquo; Fixed & rsquo; His foldable phone

Samsung Galaxy Fold outer ifa2019 ndtv fold

Samsung is finally ready to bring its ambitious Galaxy Fold back on the market. Less than five months after the catastrophic problems of the first testers forced the company to stop launching its most ambitious smartphone ever. Due to fundamental design flaws and the sheer hype surrounding the introduction of the Galaxy Fold, the company had to deal with a very striking embarrassment. All of this means that the stakes for Samsung are incredibly high, but the company is confident enough to touch IFA 2019 visitors and let them use the phone themselves. We've mastered long lines and large crowds to give the new updated Samsung Galaxy Fold a little time to try, and here are our thoughts.

Almost all of today's flagship smartphones are based on the same, increasingly general design, no matter how elegant they are. That makes it pretty hard to be impressed when something new comes up. The Samsung Galaxy Fold doesn't suffer from this problem at all – it's on a whole new level. It is immensely satisfactory to hold it and open it to reveal its internal screen for the first time.

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The entire outer surface of the Galaxy Fold is shiny and highly reflective. It feels a bit futuristic, but it records fingerprints almost everywhere. The device we were able to work with was constantly being wiped by a white-gloved employee, and we feel that this is a high-maintenance phone that you can live with, especially since everyone you meet wants to play with it.

Nevertheless, the build quality is absolutely first class and it feels like a luxury device. When the device is folded, there is still a gap between the two halves, but the mechanism does not feel loose or inaccurate. We tried to bend and bend the device slightly in the open state and it didn't seem like it was easily damaged.

What exactly did Samsung do to fix the original design issues? We were told that, first of all, an edge around the inner surface protects the large, foldable screen and covers the edges of the outermost layer that people previously wanted to peel off. The outer surface of the hinge has also been reinforced. There are now protective plugs on the top and bottom of the hinge housing that prevent small particles from getting into the mechanism.

Samsung Galaxy Fold outer ifa2019 ndtv foldThe outer screen is not very big and feels a bit awkward

To make the transition easier, you have to

We couldn't help but be reminded of the legendary Communicator devices from the Nokia 9000 series. The Galaxy Fold can be used when closed, but obviously it is not the ideal shape or size for a smartphone. The 4.6-inch 21: 9 exterior screen is extremely tall and narrow and does not nearly fill the entire surface. There are cameras on the front and back as well as on the inside – a total of six, so that you can use the phone as usual when folded or unfolded.

There are speakers at the top and bottom so you can hear stereo sound as you rotate the device. The internal screen has an almost square shape and an aspect ratio of 4.2: 3, so there is no big difference between portrait and landscape. There's also a USB Type-C connector, but no 3.5mm audio connector. On the right side you will find the on / off and volume buttons as well as a fingerprint sensor, which also functions as a Bixby button.

Samsung has worked hard to customize Android to support multiple screens. You can open an app while the phone is closed, and it seamlessly switches to the bigger screen when you open the device. You can arrange up to three apps side by side and draw the boundaries between them to resize them or swap them between panels. This really gives multitasking on a smartphone a new meaning.

Samsung Galaxy Fold hinge ifa2019 ndtv foldSamsung has redesigned the hinge to prevent small items from getting stuck inside

To make the transition easier, you have to

The hinge feels like a spring and opens immediately when you push the two halves apart with just one finger. One-handed operation is cumbersome because you have to press the two halves slightly so that they lie completely flat. In our short time with this phone, we accidentally caught the palm between the outer hinges more than once, which was the only unpleasant part of our experience.

So what is it like to actually use the Samsung Galaxy Fold? We were very excited to see how the fold in the middle of the canvas affects us, and unfortunately it is very visible most of the time. You can try using the tablet in portrait or landscape depending on what you're doing. This can help you avoid this. However, there were times when we could not see the seam properly at all, for example when reading websites with a white background.

The corner on the inside is definitely noticeable, and like most smartphones, you will find that software is cleverly used in some places, e.g. B. if the title bars of apps are very thick. We would have really wanted an S-Pen, and the use cases are obvious, but unfortunately there is no place for one.

Fold Samsung Galaxy Fold Buttons ifa2019 ndtvThe operating and volume buttons and a fingerprint sensor are on the right

To make the transition easier, you have to

Overall, the Samsung Galaxy Fold is a first generation device. For the price you would have to pay if you wanted, you would experience a completely unique experience and the undeniable appeal of a 7.3-inch tablet in your pocket, but we still can't figure out how practical this device is intended for everyday use. We couldn't feel it fit in a pocket, but it's 17.1mm thick and it's not comfortable. At 276 g, it is also much heavier than the average smartphone.

Had this launch been smooth, Samsung would have earned tremendous recognition for its foldable OLED panels, technical and design skills, and simply imagination, not to mention trumping Apple with truly innovative and inventive products. Still, people should be happy with the Galaxy Fold and there will undoubtedly be many early adopters and enthusiasts who buy one. For now, the Galaxy Fold is the ultimate device for anyone who likes to show off or just want to enjoy something incredibly cool.