Troy Aikman: Jason Garrett could be a giant, Daniel Jones a stroke of luck

<pre><pre>Troy Aikman: Jason Garrett could be a giant, Daniel Jones a stroke of luck

MIAMI – When Giants' new offensive coordinator Jason Garrett asks his close friend about a Daniel Jones scouting report that can be seen from the television booth, he will hear mostly positive voices.

And then …

"The thing for him is that he has to stick to the damn ball," said Hall of Famer Troy Aikman of Jones, who lost 11 of 18 fiddles and threw 12 interceptions as a beginner. "You can't throw the ball in the air every time you touch it. That has to be fixed and I think it can be fixed."

As Fox & # 39; leading NFL analyst, Aikman will appear on the Super Bowl 2020 show between the 49ers and Chiefs.

But Aikman keeps track of the Giants since he and Garrett have a 25-year relationship when Garrett was Aikman's backup for the Super Bowl winning cowboys. They stayed close together during Garrett's 13-year tenure as a cowboy coach.

"I think he will have some accountability, he will have a structure, he will be very well prepared," said Aikman. "There will be no stone on the other. When a game plan is created, each player knows exactly what is required of them. I think it's a great situation for Jason. "

Garrett called from 2007-12 for the cowboys, including his first three seasons after being promoted from offensive coordinator to head coach.

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"I thought he did a good job calling the pieces," said Aikman. “He comes from a pretty good perspective because he has good players but also good coaches. That was probably the biggest influence on him. I don't always think players are the best coaches, but he has proven to be a good coach and he keeps the perspective on what it was like as a player and what he liked and disliked. "

Garrett's "personal skills" are one of the reasons why the relationship should work.

"I would be surprised if he and Daniel Jones didn't get on right away and develop real chemistry," said Aikman, "and I think that's important."

Jones first impressed Aikman with his preliminary Duke Pro Day design, and a particularly promising skill emerged whenever he saw the band of the Giants.

"I thought the ball came out on time," said Aikman. "It's something I point out very much because it doesn't happen to many young quarterbacks. He was very excited. He brought the ball where it needed to be."

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